Saturday, 25 March 2023

Lord of the Rings Campaign - Wethertop and Flight to the Ford

I returned to General Balroom's bearing with me the ace Weathertop model made by mates young son (because neither Gen. B. or myself have the skill or inclination to make our own version).

This would be the "Murder the hobbits before Aragorn gets back" scenario.

Amon Sul (or Wethertop) - nice, innit?


*sound effect of hobbits soiling themselves*

Soon the black clad fellahs were closing in.

But then, in slow motion no doubt Strider appeared!

The wraiths managed to get rid of Pippin, but other hobbits kept stopping them getting to the ring!

Hah! Surrounded!

One of the wraiths was driven back to the very edge of the ancient watchrower

Aragaorn was briefly rooted to the spot by dark magic, but soon came racing on

And then my camera ran out of power and I had to switch to phone...

First Aragorn pulverised the Witch King (and with his Morghul blade went my best chance of killing Frodo!)

Then he began windmillimg through the other wraiths as Samwise held up others.

Despite attempts to corner the ringbearer Strider was able to intervene.

And eventually the last wraith was banished from the mortal realm!

See - he's gone!

I'd managed to wound Frodo, killed a couple of the other hobbits, but as soon as Aragorn turned up it was only a matter of time. I should have read the rules better and made sure to use the Witch King to kill Frodo and thrown other lesser wraiths at Strider instead.

In the post game all the casualties were found to be "just having a bit of a lie down" rather than actually deceased and so we moved on the the next game...

Arwen and Champion the Wonderhorse Shadowfax have collected Frodo and are trying to get him to Rivendell, pursued by ALL THE RINGWRAITHS! 

The wraiths start up close and personal

Fortunately Champion Shadowfax is equipped with fuel injection and turbo and whooshes off

Strider and the other hobbits jog along behind.

However Compel turns Arwen back around toward the pursuers

Unfortunately for the Black Riders, flogging their horses too hard causes some of their gee-gees to expire throwing them to the ground.

Eventually, even on foot they begin to surround Arwen

And then my phone ran out of Power!

Fortunately General B. grabbed a few pictures to complete the story.

The wraiths closed in for the kill...

Ganging up on the pointy eared maiden

Before defeating her and then stabbing the ringbearer repeatedly to death!

Victory for Sauron's minions! Mwahahahahahahaha!

Really good fun and tense this one. Arwen looked home and hosed early on but the Compel spells plus reinforcements from the flanks saw her pinned back.

The rules for actualy killing Frodo are a little unclear - we ruled that the wraiths could direct all their attacks on him if they won the fight - not sure if the intention is that you have to kill Arwen first?

Luckily for the future of Middle-earth Frodo recovered after the battle and so the quest can still continue!

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