Monday 26 February 2018

40k (again) - Templars and Orks (again)

One definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results.
And yet I still continue to play games of 40K with the Gaming Heir.

650 proper points this time (no more PL for us for the foreseeable) 
He had his shiny new Interceptor plane thing - all Las cannons and Assault cannon.

 The field of war


 Templars secure their objective

 Thwop, thwop thwop!

The game began with a roar of jet engines followed by lots of explosions and some very dead Orks.
Most irritatingly the las cannon things from the jet managed to do only a single wound on my Kustom Mega Cannon. Until he used a CP and it did 6 wounds and I took the model off.

I advanced, reduced in numbers and my deffkoptas managed to wound the flying beastie with rokkits. Saves were failed! But they were ones, so they were re-rolled and passed.
Then the Templars got out of their rhino

The Templars duly wiped out the Ork boys, but then the Nobz were able to countercharge

Nobz are surprisingly handy in close combat and Templars fell like (black with white shoulders) wheat before (a big, green) scythe.

Meanwhile the deffkotas swooped in on the objective and wiped out the Templars defending it.

Unfortunately this left the Space marine Captain and his mighty Thunderhammer still alive

The captain was able to dispatch the remaining Nobz before the jet swooped in and wiped out the Deffkoptas.

I was out of models, the game was lost.

However this felt a bit less brutally one-sided than the previous games. Actually using points (and not having Helbrecht on the table) seemed to make for a closer and more rewarding game.

Sunday 25 February 2018

40K Orks v Templars (again)

In an attempt to cut the Gaming Heir down to size Steve and I teamed up to take on his Templars.
It didn't really work...

Our conclusion from the slaughter was that High Marshall Helbrecht is completely broken.
With him Marines go from being tough but beatable to miss re-rolling death machines.
When it plays like this I remember why I disdained 40K for so long. There's no tactics, you just throw your models at one another and the one with the most broken characters wins.

Points values and no Helbrecht from now on.

Monday 19 February 2018

40K: Orks v Templars (different game, same result)

Ther Gaming Heir wanted to play more 40k.
I've been working slowly away at a Morkanaut and he wanted me to take it. So even though it isn't finished I agreed. I'm sure regular readers (thank-you both) will know how this ends.

Anyway, 75 Power Level I vetoed playing The Relic (as he thinks he has a cunning ruse to always win that) and we played Big Guns Never Tire.

Here's the pics:
 Da Ladz arrive

 Gruzzkup shouts orderz

 I was also asked to take my (unfinished) Kill-o-Zap gun

 Morky strides forth

 Deffkoptas (not as good as you think)

 The field of war!

 Crusader disgorges death!

Waaagh! Oh!

I think I lasted three turns. The combined firepower of the Crusader and devastator centurions rapidly turned the Morkanaut into a heap. Then when the boys got into combat Space Marine saves came to the rescue.

I have now prepared some more Nobz with Power Claws and am working up some Tankbustaz.

Sunday 11 February 2018

40K: Orks, Eldar and Black Templars

The Gaming Heir has grown weary of Frostgrave and is once again obsessed by 40K.
So I gace Steve a call and we got together for a three way 50PL game.

Steve has been gifted some Oldhammer 40K Eldar, so he used them.
The GH is convinced he can always win the Relic scenario, so we played that - using the Space Milkman model as the objective.

 Good job there's no more template weapons!

 Gruzzkupp urges da ladz forward

 'Ere we go!

 Clank, whirr, bang!

 The Space Milkman

 The Templars begin to rumble on

 Hope that's not full of Terminators and a Chapter Master. Oh.


 The advance continues


 Over dere! Get 'em!

 Space Elves

 Tank trap blocks the way

Da ladz get stuck in

 And run over some pointy ears

 Old Skool

 Da Nobz join in

 While da shoota boys take on the Rhino

 Gruzzkupp hangs back and ishoos orderz

 Helbrecht and the Terminators disembark

 And start to kill everything

However time runs out and the Orks have the Milkman

We only managed about three turns - I forget how a three way battle slows things down.
Steve's Eldar were pretty ineffectual - his Scorpions were unable to deal with my Warbuggies, though they did manage to get the Land Raider down to just a single wound.
The Orks did OK, but again struggled against the power armour of the marines. I need more stuff that can just flat out kill marines.

All in all a good fun game.