Saturday 27 February 2021

Age of Arthur Warhammer Historical Weekend 2007

Whilst tidying up some files recently I cam across some old pictures that predate the creation of this blog.

So I thought I'd share them.

These were taken way back in October 2007 at Wrhammer World in Nottingham. The Age of Arthur supplement for Warhammer Ancient Battles had been published not long before and the supplement's authors Steve Jones and James Morris staged a themed campaign weekend (as part of a larger Warhammer Historicals weekend). This was I think the first ever historical wargaming event I took part in and it was one of the best too.

I can't really remember much about the details of the games except that they were great and in one of them, possibly the first, my Warlord and my Opponent's Warlord both died simultaneously in a duel in the river before the game began.

These first few I think are me playing a warm up with Rob Broom's blue Late Romans on Friday night before the event. I'd barely played WAB at all before this, so wanted a practice and Rob and I were both at GW, so it was easy to pop through from Bugman's with a pint for a game.

This I think is the Saturday proper.
Looks like James Morris Partizan Green T shirt in the background. And it's *possible* the tattooed elbow belongs to Jim Sweeney as it is one of the laws of me going to any WAB event that I *will* play Jim at some point during the proceedings.

Steve scratching his head on the left as he tries to remember why he thought introducing a bear into things was a good idea.

As well as standard battles there were I think some special scenarios recreating parts of the Arthur legend.
I think there was one involving stealing a pot from Ireland..?

See, told you there was a bear.

The boat I *think* belonged to Lawrence. I'm sure whoever it was told me it was made from a Playmobil pirate boat.

These are pictures from the Sunday.
Imagine that, a whole weekend of gaming!

I'm pretty sure that Red Dragon flag is Jim Sweeney's - I told you it was the law we had to play one another.

That looks like Lawrence's Saxon army. His gorgeous painting of the lovely Musketeer (now Footsore) early Saxon range were what tipped me in to this period.

It was a brilliant weekend and set me properly off down the historical wargaming path and started many great wargaming friendships that endure to today.

Friday 26 February 2021

Perry Sudan Highland Command

Commanders for my Sudan Highlanders.

Purchased many moons ago and painted after I got excited by the Egyptians.

Lovely characterful models. A proper bugger to clean up though - I do wish the Perry's would get a mould maker to match their sculpting talents.

This means I now have two full units of Highlanders, one of Egyptians and half a unit of red-coated British. I also have a box of the Perry Plastic British which will give me another unit of Indian uniform for this theatre (the rest of the box will make NWF forces). 

Sunday 21 February 2021

Muskets and Tomahawks Zoom game

Latest game in James' M&T campaign.

Played over Zoom, so only slightly ropey screengrabs available.

The Compagnie Franche de la Marine sneaked up to the settlement to set light to the haystack

While their native allies laid about the settlers

With the first stack ablaze they moved on to light another before burning a field and vanishing back to the woods.

A minor victory to the French - the fields afire but no damage to the settlement. Though they did manage to scalp one of the redcoat officers.

The game works well over Zoom now we have Mike on hand to sort out the cards for us all.

Friday 19 February 2021

Noor Inayat Khan

 I picked this model up with my recent order from Bad Squiddo.

Not quite sure why the model caught my eye but the story of her being the first British Muslim war heroine of WW2 piqued my interest and she was duly added to my cart.

Noor Inayat Khan was born in Russia and lived in London before moving to Paris. She fled to England at the fall of France and joined the WAAF. In 1943 was parachuted into France by the SOE as a radio operator to aid the French resistance. Sadly she was betrayed, captured and eventually murdered in Dachau.

An incredibly brave woman.

Thursday 18 February 2021

Big Mek with Kustom Force Field

 Back when we were playing 40k  a few years ago it became apparent that having some way of protecting my Ladz from dying to the vast deluge of shooting that Steve's Bad Moons could put out would be good.

One option was for a Kustom Forcefield on a Big Mek who puts a protective bubble over the ladz near him. Sadly there either wasn't a model, or it was dead expensive. Or something. So I tracked down a suitable bit from Kromlech and made my own. 

But we moved on and he never got painted until now.

And here he is in all his glory. Black Reach Nob as the main model. The backpack, truth to tell isn't that nice, but it does the job. The head I think is from the Stompa kit.

Sunday 14 February 2021

Dragon Rampant Zoom Game

We were due another game in James' Muskets and Tomahawks campaign.
But none of the British players could make it. James and I both felt the need for some sort of gaming so he kindly set up a Dragon Rampant clash. 24 (ish) points with Orcs trying to break in to the Dwarf underground kingdom.

I took a few screenshots as the action unfolded.

Dragon Rampant gave a good game. I boldly announced that although some gamers don't like the 'one failed activation means handover' mechanic I have no problem with it. And then promptly rolled a succession of 3s and 4s to leave the Dwarf defence stalled. 
The dice gods punish hubris.

We ignored the 3" rule as we were playing on a small, confined table, but did use it guide charges and the like to ensure it worked as we think the author intended (so no charging past/across on enemy to contact another, no redirecting charges if  evaders escape).

But at 24 points and 1v1 the game soon gives you the dice back and these things tend to balance out in my experience (as  was the case here).

Dwarf shieldwall proved almost impossible for the Orcs to break down, especially after a snake-eyes roll for the trolls after their first combat saw them vanish from the game early on. The hold stayed out of Orc hands for the time being.

DR is also great for Zoom games as the looseness of the formation and movement rules work well over camera.

As I predicted to James before we played I'm now eyeing some fantasy models in the various piles of shame...