Friday 28 February 2020

Dragon Rampant in First Age Middle Earth

James and Martin came over for a game of Dragon Rampant using their collections of Elves (James) and Orcs (mostly Martin). I supplied the Soldier Shack.

James has been building up his collection of First Age Elves for Middle Earth gaming for a while and we're going to be putting on a couple of games using the Dragon Rampant rules at Hammerhead in a few weeks time. One large-ish game, or series of games, depicting events in the First Age and then a small game using my Games Workshop collection to show people the rules and entertain younger gamers. So do drop by for a chat and roll some dice if you're at the show.

All this is planned, however we've not played Dragon Rampant for a while, so needed a quick run out to remind ourselves how to play.

James took the Elves and Martin and I assumed the role of Middle Earth's huddled and oppressed masses.

The Orc archers took to the hills.

While their chieftain held his banner high.

Pointy-eared archers made their presence felt.

Along with their spear, brethren.

 Shortly after this picture was shot we decided Elf spears should be Elite, and so reduced the model count by half.

The warg riders protected the evil flank.

The now much smaller Elf spear cohort advanced besides the swamp.

And the mounted archers let forth a cry and moved out.

Wargs. Warging.

Orcs, Orcing about.

Eventually the Orcs and elves clashed.

This, along wth some pretty hefty shooting, went better than expected.

Meanwhile the Orcs closed in on the elf archers.

It's all about the focus

Pushing the archers back, however only unleashed the Elf heavy cavalry.

On the opposite flank the mounted elf archers had been shooting and scooting to great effect. And then their luck ran out.

The orcs on the left did their best but were no match for elven blade.

And the last elite Elf continued to out pace his pursuers.

Finally the cavalry had cleared their right flank

And so they shot their own leader (or does it just look that way?)

The elite elf cavalry crashed into and ran down the last of the Orcs and the game was up for the bad guys!

A win for James and his Elves.
A great fun game with good company.

I know some folk don't like the turnover in Dragon Rampant where it's possible to fluff your first activation and not get to do anything, but the speed of the game means it's not really a problem in my book. You soon get another turn.
Martin described it as being like when you were a kid and had a few mixed units of Asgard and Citadel models and made up your own rules. And we all agreed that's a good thing.

Monday 24 February 2020

Warhammer 8th edition Dwarfs v. High Elves

The ongoing War of the Beard sees Steve and I convene for a Sunday morning 2,000 pointer.
Laziness meant we both used pretty much the same armies as last time.
Dawn Attack I think. The one where everyone turns up randomly.

The peaceful fields near the Dwarf hold. Invaded by dress wearing pointy eared fiends!

When the general turns up nowhere near his hammerers someone has to stand at the back to make room.

Long Beards. Good lads.

Filthy Hoeth-y blokes.

The vicissitudes of the dice meant i ended up with a nice artillery park.

...that Freezyflap made straight towards

The elves spent arrows thinning the clan dwarf warriors.

"By Grugni it's pretty chilly all of a sudden !"

At last the Dwarfs (actually mainly a tooled up Lord delivery system) hit the elf line.

They saw off the Swordmasters, but then had to fight some spear elves.

And some horsey elves.

They died. But then some other spear elves hitched up their skirts and ran away from the hammerers

Sadly freezyflap, the rallied swordmasters and some different horsey elves cornered the hammerers.

Though the Longbeards saw off a few other elves.

Vindictively the elves set the brewery on fire!

Another victory to the pointy ears.

Good game and closer than the last one.

We're now considering Grudge of Drong....