Monday 28 February 2022

Warhammer Empire Middenheim Swordsmen

Well of course being from Middenheim they're not armed with swords - these blokes all have hammers!

All made from the very nice Perry sculpted plastic kit, with the hammer upgrades from the Middenheim "hairy head" sprue. I decided not to use the Middenheim arms and so snipped off the swords and replaced with a hammer shaft. I also decided against the hairy heads themselves - for one thing they're slightly larger than the Perry ones and for another they look a bit rough.

The shield transfers I got from Magister Militum - they're VVV ones.

The command uses metal bits from the (I think) crossbow upgrade set with the horn arm coming from the more recent pistoliers kit.

Contrast paints for the most part, though the arms are whire, with a sepia wash and then white highlights. I'm very pleased with them.

I'm also very pleased that I managed to do a blog post every single day in February. I started off with quite a few consecutive posts without realising, then, about half way through I decided to go for the full twenty-eight days. Which made it altogether rather a chore! But I'm glad I persisited.
Normal sporadic service will resume tomorrow.

Sunday 27 February 2022

Warmaster General on Griffon

Another one that needed quite a lot of modern painting. There were some basecoats on, most of which got completely overpainted.

It's a fabulous little model. Part of the actual released range, not one of the test pre-release models.

Saturday 26 February 2022

Warmaster Empire Mortar

This one needed a quite extensive repaint. Wasn't happy at all with what I did to the actual gun 20 or so years ago. Quite pleased with it now though.

About half way through painting I realised that 30 something me had glued the barrel on upside down. Not something I was prepared to try and fix.

Friday 25 February 2022

Warmaster Empire Handgunners

 Some more re-basing jobs

I'm pretty much through all the part finished and rebasing jobs for the Empire now. Just the characters to tidy up. This makes a reasonable 1500 point-ish army I think.
There's an event in Worcester at the end of April and, dear reader, I am tempted. But it needs a 2,000 point army and I haven't played the game for probably about fifteen years...
I have the models in the leadpile to take Empire beyond 2,000 and likewise for my Chaos and Dark Elf armies both, again around the 1500 point mark at present. Kislev I will need to get some additional models for and have less than 1k painted I'm not sure quite what I have for Daemons.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Lord of the Rings Midgard

As a change of pace I asked Stephen if he fancied giving James' Midgard rules a go using our Lord of the Rings collections. He did, so we did.

Truth to tell without having played for a while and without James on hand to remind me of the rules I was a bit underprepared, but we kind of muddled through a very basic battle.

The Easterlings advance

Mixed archers and swordsmen

Crikey, Gondorian cavalry

Going to work on the Orcs.

The Easterlings punch through the centre.

Whilst a scrum develops

Archers take their toll

And the half trolls are caught in the flank.

It's all kicking off in the middle of the park

On my left flank more knights are killing more Orcs

Whilst other horse mop up midfield.

Finally the Khand mercenaries arrive

And the Gondor flank is destroyed.

But on the other side the Orcs are in trouble.

At this point we called a halt - some limited success on the evil right was more than counterbalanced by the destruction of their left and centre.

I think Steve enjoyed his first try at Midgard - though we missed loads out and forgot plenty of things.

Was good to get the LotR toys out for a big battle too.

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Warmaster Daemons of Khorne

I dug out the one other finished unit of the Khorne Daemons that I painted years ago.They're a pretty good match for the ones just finished.

And then I decided to do a mini "army" shot.

I should find the full army - I think I have quite a lot of Tzeentch and maybe a few Slaanesh all finished.