Friday 31 August 2018

40K Tree Campaign - Orks v Templars

The GH and I have embarked on another campaign. He aborted the last one after losing the first game heavily.
So we went for something simpler this time.
750 point forces (change between games if you like) using the ladder campaign from the 40K rulebook.

So first game was Patrol.

Unfortunately the result was (yet) another defeat for the Ork forces.
This means the next game will be Rescue and he'll have extra points to spend on even more sentries!

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Back to da boyz from da Black Reach

Thursday 30 August 2018

Chain of Command Americans v Germans

Steve was holidaying on the South Coast so General B and I were free to have a game of Chain of Command.
The Ilko Gaming Hut was a bit gloomy on this occasion, so the pictures are not the best.

We were playing the scenario where you have to try and get a unit off the table edge.

German (blue) patrol markers ready to go.

However I got lucky with the patrol phases and raced forward and pinned the German markers before they could move.
The Germans started with two Jump Off points in the woods at the top left and another in the middle of the table edge (near the red tape measure.
US jump offs were behind the central house, in the woods behind the buildings and in the gap in the hedgerow.

I deployed my mortar with accompanying senior leader nice and early.

And immediately dropped shells on the advancing Heer.
(I'd snuck a BAR team on to the top floor of the centre building who could spot for the mortar).

Nasty surprise when the Germans turned up fortified!

The Heer pushed forward on my right, trying to threaten the mortar, but were bogged down by the boccage.

I dropped a squad of Americans behind the buildings to threaten on my left.

Whilst another squad pushed up to the boccage to help pressurise the Germans into retreating on my right.

Still the Germans hugged the fences near the buildings.

Though the ones trapped in the roadway took a bit of a pounding.

Finally I took a gamble and my troops on the left broke cover and raced for the table edge.

A fortuitous double six meant another turn and they could scamper away and on to victory before the MG42 could reap terrible trauma on them.

A splendid game. Gen. B. and I both really like CoC. It feels like a proper firefight, with constantly changing tactical challenges whilst you tray and maintain your strategic aims.

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I love da smell of burnin' Ooomie.

A Burna Boy. For burnin' stuff.

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Orky Kharacters

Trying to beef up my forces to take on the Gaming Heir I've been kitbashing some characters.

A weirdboy, made from an Orc boy with some Ork shoulder pads and and Ork skull to finish his staff.

A Painboy. Black Reach Nob body, Oil drum left over from making Crete scatter terrain, power claw from the Nobz sprue. The pistol space will eventually have a syringe made of coloured plastic rod.

Big Mek. Backpack from the Kromlech range, another Black Reach Nob body and head from the Stompa sprue

Finally, some boys with Kromlech rokkit backpacks to make tankbustas. All the better to take down Land Raider Crusaders.

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You can never have too many 'eavy shootas.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Other Partizan 2018 Pics

Some of the other games that caught my eye at Partizan

Big (40mm) ACW

Lord of the Rings using To The Strongest. I've got lots of LotR and I know James likes TTS, so maybe...

Some chaps in Tricornes

Foy. This game won a prize I believe. Looked to me like it was based on the Band of Brothers TV series episode.

WW2 54mm. Oddly they were using Rapid Fire! rules, which I like, but which seemed counter intuitive to me. I'd have thought using 54mm you'd want something more skirmishy - possibly even individual model based. They also had what seemed like a high tanks to men ratio (though I understand the desire to get your big cats out).
Nice looking set up though - I like the big 54mm soldiers.

Big To The Strongest game

More tricornes


The inevitable Sharp Practice game - looking lovely.

2mm(!) action. Chum James was helping out with this. Looked fascinating and splendidly presented, though I personally feel by this scale, regardless of painting and modelling talent, you're effectively playing a boardgame.

Brilliantly painted and modeled though

Felt to me like there was a lot of WW2, both 28 and 20mm (but not much 15mm)
A steep decline in Sharp Practice games (I only saw one, when last year it felt like you couldn't move for 'em)
A little lighter on punters than previous iterations of the show too I thought.
A great day out. Plenty of inspiration.

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If we were following Ork counting this would be "some"
One, too, free, sum, many lotz...
Yet another Black Reach boy.

Monday 27 August 2018

Partizan Sudan Pics

I went to Partizan last weekend.
And, moth like, I was drawn again to the big Sudan game.
I've taken pics of this set up before (though this battle was different)
Still looks great.

One day...

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Anuvva one.

Black Reach boy agane.

Sunday 26 August 2018

Saturday 25 August 2018

Ork of da Day (1)

Having moved into a dedicated gaming and painting space (the Sherwood Soldier Shack) i have been able to crack on with some painting.
Mainly finishing off some of the many half painted Orks that have been fighting the Gaming Heir in recent months.
So I thought, rather than just display the whole lot in one go I'd do a series of posts. Also this might motivate me to continue finishing them off.
So, here's the first Ork of da Day

One from the Black Reach box. Slugga and Choppa.