Tuesday 26 December 2023


These have been painted for ages - they just needed basing.

This lad is a Wild Warg Chieftain.
Converted by the skillfull technique of glueing him to a big old rock.

Monday 25 December 2023

Happy Christmas

Wishing all my readers (thank you both) a very happy festive season.

Sunday 24 December 2023

Even more Agincourt French

 Three more churned out in a Contrast stylee

Bish, bash bosh. 

Or pif, paf pof as they say in France.

Saturday 23 December 2023

Warmaster Daemon Army

While photographing the recently completed Daemon Character I decided it was high time to take a picture of the entire Daemon army as it stands.

These are all original GW metals. Some painted a long time ago, some more recently.

The whole army, Daemons of every hue!

The Khorne khontingent. Two units of Daemon Hordes and two of hounds. 
I have another horde in the leadpile and one (or possibly two more units of hounds.
The horde sculpts in particular are a bit rough.

Tzeentch's servants, again two hordes and a unit of flyers.
I know horrors are traditionally blue and/or pink but Tzeentch is often given yellow colours (as a contrast to blue) so I went with yellow horrors and screamers.
These are lovely sculpts. I have at least one more blister of each to complete (so those horrors will almost certainly be pink!)

Papa Nurgles lads. 
There's another unit of the Big Cavalry in the pile I think. And probably another Greater Daemon too.

Slaanesh is currently the smallest faction. Though I have some cavalry on the go.
There are at least three units of cavalry in total in the leadpile, and possibly another unit of Daemonettes.

Tzeentch greater Daemon. Lovely model this one.

Characters. Just the Tzeentch ones so far. I have more of both of these. I also have all the Slaanesh characters and some of the Khorne ones too to get painted eventually.

No idea why this one's here again.

And another final group shot.

There's around 1500 points here. I think I need to get the Slaanesh cavalry done and then finish the remaining horde models and that'll give me a useable army, hopefully.

Friday 22 December 2023

Swan Knight the Third

A third Swan Knight reaches the fields of battle

There's still more in the bag to come (and one mint in blister too)

Thursday 21 December 2023

Pikeman's Lament four player game

Chum Chris has been building a large ECW collection so he invited a few of us over for a pre-Christmas skirmish using Pikeman's Lament rules.

Thee were four players, a rather lovely scratch built sconce and a scenario based on grabbing artefacts scattered about the board. Looting basically.

Unfortunately I only had my phone with me so the rather poor pictures don't do justice to Chris' great set up.

The peaceful hamlet of Much Piddling

My stout band of stout fellows.

Their especially stout leader can be seen on the left.

The sconce. A fruit sconce, not a cheese sconce.

Tally-ho my fine fellows!

A horse bound ruck!

I think my cavalry came off worst.

More horse based action

Chris red-clad shot seized the sconce. And rained lead death down on my men.

However his horse were being chased from pillar topost.

Just then someone cast "Summon Cat" Lvl3

James men were falling beneath the hooves of Pete's horse.

Whilst Chris's redcoats continued to plague my men.

In the end Pete had achieved an unassailable lead. James and I were both out for the count and Chris conceded the field.

Good, simple fun with another splendid Mersey set of rules. I've no desire to collect an ECW army. 

On the other hand, GNW...

Wednesday 20 December 2023


 Another old metal model crawls from the pile of shame.

Pretty quick and easy - Vallejo Sepia wash doing the heavy lifting.

I've got quite a force of mounted Orcs and unridden Wargs now.

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Warmaster Tzeentch Daemon Character

My daemons need some more characters, so I threw some Contrast paints at this one

It's an interesting sculpt - very well done and paints up easily - it just doesn't feel very "Warhammer" to me. Fanatic were using external freelancers at the time for their Warmaster models which probably explains that.

Monday 18 December 2023

Rangers of Gondor

 We needed these for the game earlier in the week.

One of them lost half his bow long ago in the plastic mountain. He is the first casualty.

Sunday 17 December 2023

More Agincourt Men

 Four more Frenchies

Might need some mounted blokes soon to go with these...

Saturday 16 December 2023

Lord of the Rings Campaign: Ambush in Ithilien

Next game in our campaign. Time to get the big beasties out with not one but two Mumaks!

As the forces of evil I had command of the two nellies, whilst General Ballroom had a ragtag assortment of Rangers and heroes to try and stop my stately swaying progress across the board.

A screen of Haradrim screened the beasties

One of them got a head start because I won the last game.

Pretty soon arrows were flying everywhere. With faitly negligible effect on the big beasties it has to be said. In return fire from the howdahs was whittling away Gondor's finest.

At about this point General B. ralised he'd made a horrendous stuff up of both his deployment and his shooting tactics.

He tried to change tack and hurled plentiful fire at the Haradrim commanding the might Mumaks.

But it was to no avail - the big grey monsters lumbered on.

Brave Haradrim spearmen  took on some heroes - with no real hope of success,but it did stop them shooting.

Meanwhile more of their comrades were dealing with other rangers.

The hobbits were hanging around making sure not to get killed.

And whilst the rangers were cutting down a few of their opponents it was all too little, too late as both Mumakil strolled unharmed off the board. 

A weird and slightly predictable game. The Mumaks seem almost impossible to hurt and so just wandered across the board unmolested.

General B. realised there were far better tactics and deployment he should have made use of. We haven't p;played for a while and anyway are old and infirm and find it difficult to remember lots of detailed rules. However for this scenario to work he really needed to take advantage of some of the special skills and rules for his troops.

So we decided that ebcause it looked so good and we'd really not got the most out of it the answer is to play it all over again in a few weeks time. That'll hopefully be much closer and less of a procession.