Saturday 2 December 2023

Warhammer Triumph and Treachery: Goblins, Lizardmen and Orcs

With one game over, the sun still just about above the horizon and, most importantly, some beer that needed drinking we decided to get another game in.

Kenton only had his Lizards with him, but Steve fettled up an army from his Orc force of the day before and I plucked out my Night Goblins.

Truth to tell I'm somewhat hazy on the details of this game. Maybe one of the pints I had was off or something. Also for some reason many of the photos are a bit out of focus and blurry. No idea why.

Back to the jungle - and a Dwarf Brewhouse. Of course.

The proud pink obelisk of Slaanesh rose majestically from the jungle floor.

Goblinses on the start line.

Fanatic out nice and early. The skinks, rather unsportingly shot him.

The giant went off to give the enormous pink pylon a stroke.

Once more the reptilian cohort surged forward.

I took a doom diver and then forgot to fire it ever during the game.

The Skinks occupied the brewhouse and levitated to the top of the chimney

I sent the Squigs to deal with the Saurys.

A mighty clash. That I seem to dimly remember went badly for me due to shocking dice.

The Saurus then ploughed into the Night Goblins

My Ogre allies took on the Arrer Boys.

Fighting everywhere!

The Savage Orcs took a bit of a beating.

Lizards fighting Orcs elsewhere on the board meant my Night Goblins separated (one of the quirks of T&T)

But regardless the Lizardmen ran them off!

I honestly can't remember who won. Though I know it wasn't me.

Great game, good looking armies and awesome company.
Hurrah for Warhammer

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