Monday 30 January 2023

Xenos Rampant - Konvoy!

Matt came over for a game of Xenos Rampant. At one point we were due to be joined by more players for a muti-player affair but in the end it was just the two of us.

We rolled of ra scenario and came up with Charlie - which involves getting a convoy off one side of the board. As I had nothing resembling sofskin vehicles for the Black Templars it was clearly the Orks who were on a resupply mission.

I set up my desert terrain - I made most of this a few years ago for games of 40K with the boys. However I always lacked a suitably coloured matt for desert gaming. Wanting one for Armoured Storm, Blitzkrieg Commander and Sudan games in the future I looked in Boyes recently. They didn't have anything quite right (a sandy coloured throw was a bit too shiny) but when the Current Mrs Tom's Toys Soldiers asked what i was looking for she exclaimed "but we have a throw that colour on the rocking chair - you have than and I'll order new one". This of course ended up being more expensive all round than the bits of fabric I was considering, but it did mean it didn't come out of my soldier funds, so I think it's a win. Possibly needs a dusting with some sprays in places to break things up a bit but is otherwise just fine for my purposes.

The peaceful Ork Konvoy prepares to move out

In the distance Black Clad shapes are lurking


Oooh look, there they are - could be an ambush!

The Big Hammer guy leading the Templars.

Templars try and sneak around a flank - the Nobs are on to them.

While the Lootas blaze away at the Assault Marines.

The Nobs get the better of the fight.

As the Truck rumbles forward.

Dakka, dakka, dakka!

The lads bravely make a green shield for the buggy

The assault marines are driven back and pinned (flame marker).

The Nobs continue to force back the chainsaw armed Templars

It all gets a bit crowded in the middle

More Orks try and sneak up on the Templar command.

The chainsaw Templars are assaulted twice in quick succession and ripped apart.

Still more frothing Ork boys attack the Templars

I forgot to take many more pictures. However the Ork Mobs made short work of the Marines in Close Combat and despite the game ending were able to sneak one buggy off the board and wipe out the Templars.
Da supplyz will get froo!

Good fun game - Berserkers are *brutal* in close combat (generally my ladz have been shot up before charging home in previous games).

Think the Marine Commander needs some sort of a boost - Matt described him in current form as a glass cannon without much actual cannon...

Sunday 29 January 2023

Weekend Workbench

Thought I'd post one of those "what I'm working on" posts that seem popular on Other Blogs. 

So here is the workbench as it stood on Saturday lunchtime

Messy and chaotic, the way I like it - there's a bunch of stuff on there and some water that needs changing. I like to have plenty of different things "on the go" so when I get bored, which is frequently, I can just grab something else and have some variety.

Mostly at the moment I'm excited about painting Warmaster. So I'm working through my Empire and Kislev stash. White Wolves are on the desk at the moment (though there are some Kislev Horse Archers awaiting an undercoat just out of shot).

Here's the unit. Couple more sessions and they'll be ready for basing.

So with the teeny tiny White Wolves well under way I have, of course started work on their big brothers. I have a small number of the old metal models and it's time they were saddled up and taken to war.

I'm intending on giving them black armour as I think this'll look good on the red horses with the white cloaks. Not quite sure how to do the cloaks yet, obvious choice is various greys drybrushed up to white, but I think actual white fur is probably better represented by off white, sepia wash and then a drybrush up to white. Decisions, decisions.

I also threw Contrast Paints at the horses which were super quick as a result. Gore-Grunta fur is ideal for horse flesh.

Also on the go are these Fireforge Russians that I will use in my Warhammer Kislev force somehow. I'm looking for some suitable shields (or shield transfers) - something with bears or bear paws on for that Kislev feel.
They're not that great models, but they're fine for these purposes.

Lastly I've got some Lord of the Rings GW Orcs on the go. These are just simple drybrush with various browns, cover in Vallejo Sepia, base jobbies. I don't bother with highlights or anything - just bish, bash, bosh.
Which makes them quick and easy for big old hordes of Orcs.

I did also fettle some scenery today, some Warmaster fences and some desert terrain templates.

Friday 27 January 2023

Warmaster Kislev Winged Lancers

 More from the depths of the leadpile

These are more of the unreleased test models I think - like the other unit here. And I evidently didn't grab myself enough command models, so these are without.

And finally a couple of group shots of the recently painted strike force

More horse archers next I reckon

Thursday 26 January 2023

Warmaster Kislev Bears

I only have a single pack of these - and now I've painted them. Contrast Paints doing the bulk of the work, making them very quick to turn around.

I thought they looked crowded with four on a base, so went with three which left me this one to use as a character.

And then this single bear to use when the wizard casts the spell that turns him in to a bear!

There's one more left that I think I'll add to another character stand.