Saturday 30 September 2023

A pair of Beja

A couple more Beja that I came across in the assembled and undercoated pile.

Skin tones make them dashed tricky to photograph.

Friday 29 September 2023

Lord of the Rings Campaign: Ambush at Amon Hen

The battered and bloodied remains of the Fellowship have arrived at Amon Hen, only to be attacked by Uruk Hai trackers led by Lurtz himself!

Can Mr Frodo make it to the boats, will Lurtz ensure Sean Boromir endures the typical fate of characters played by Sean Bean?

We played this game back in January as a one-off, so it was going to be interesting to see what happened in the rematch, especially with a depleted Fellowship.

Gimli came a running from the corner as Uruk archers surrounded Aragorn and the Ringbearer

The rest of the Uruks had cornered Boromir.

With Lurtz, lurking, ready to administer the coup-de-grace.

Aragorn was soon dispatching Sauruman's finest.

Whilst the noose tightened on the hero of Gondor.

Eventually Boromir was bundled

Merry meanwhile was initially successful in fending off Uruks.

Gimli was burning through Might in a succession of heroic combats.

On the far side of the board Sam, who had been hiding in the woods was grabbed firmly by the Uruks.

Aragorn emerged from the woods to find a firing squad of Uruks.

He laughed as their puny arrows whizzed by.

But a seemingly endless tide of Uruks was coming.

Gimli and Strider were soon engulfed.

Eventually sheer weight of numbers saw them both dragged down.

Lurtz and the Urks roared their triumph as they made off with all three hobbits.

A great fun game that was quite close until Aragorn's luck finally ran out.

However a review of the rules revealed a serious bookkeeping error. We'd forgotten that the Fellowship had had a nice warm bath and a cup of tea with Galadriel after the last game and so should have had their full reserves of Might Will  Fate and Wounds.
In the grand scheme of the campaign it probably makes little difference - this is the last appearance of Gimii, Merry and Aragorn until the final battle, so given we've played this scenario twice we may well decide just to move on to the next scenario, but make sure Sam and Frodo are "topped up" with their full stats.

Monday 18 September 2023

Lord of the Rings three player game

 Another three way skirmish. I took the recently painted chariot and Khand horse for a spin, with inevitable dire results.

Just a few low quality phone pictures

MY Easterlings face the men of Minas Tirith over the warming embers of a fire.

Behold my glorious and unstoppable cavalry

Khamul leads the "Paddingtons"

Cavalry charge the Khand, with expected consequences.

Big fight on the hill

I came a very distant third.

Sunday 17 September 2023

Welsh King Maredudd ab Owain

I got this lovely Footsore model as a freebie a while ago with an order I did. TBH I'm not sure my order was big enough to qualify, but they threw him in anyway - thanks guys!

I don't have a Welsh army (though I'd quite like one, one day) but I started throwing some paint on him a while ago. And now he's finished.

After I'd finished painting the Welsh Dragon on his shield it occurred to me that I could have just used him as a character for my Picts (should they ever progress) or even in amongst my Saxons - one British Isles Dark Age warrior looking much like another. But I'm glad I went for the Welsh option - if only because it gives me an excuse to buy more soldiers.

Although mine was a freebie his is available to buy from Footsore

Saturday 16 September 2023

Orlanthi finished

I kept up my excitement/momentum for these four and (with the able assistance of Contrast Paints I got them finished.

A Storm Bull berserker with two axes and some blue warpaint, or maybe that's just some of the Bull's power manifesting through his skin...

A youthful Orlanhi warrior, hair died blu and air runes on his shield.

(They could maybe do with a little tidying up - photography is unforgiving)

Humakt warrior, went for simple plain colours for a stern, austere appearance.

Spear armed warrior

Four warriors for some Sellswords and Spellslingers, or maybe the start of a unit for Dragon Rampant, or even Midgard...