Thursday 31 December 2020

Wargames Atlantic Pathans

The last of the box of Wargames Atlantic Afghans. Twelve more with firearms for games of The Men Who Would Be Kings.

Again mostly done with contrast paints and washes. A few more in darker colours than the last lot. There are more of the crouching figure in this group as I didn't want to use them for the more animated, charging Ghazis. I'll actually mix these in with the other unit with guns so it won't be quite so obvious.

One box gave 2x12 rifles and 1x16 with swords and shields - ideal for TMWWBK.

I've got the Perry set now, which are nicer figures, so I'll be cracking on with those in the New Year.

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Thursday 24 December 2020

Happy Christmas

Seasons greetings  to one and all.

I hope you have a good day however you celebrate and with whomever you are able to meet.

Friday 4 December 2020

Hades for Of Gods and Mortals

 Another of the very jolly SHQ Miniatures Greek gods for use in games of Of Gods and Mortals.

Hades on his throne.

Just the fellow to lead my skeletons and shades to war.
Need a big old three headed dog now...

Thursday 3 December 2020

Ogre Kingdoms Giant

 Lockdown success - built and painted this big fella.

He had only been in the plastic heap for about fifteen years or so...

The lighting has left him a little washed out...

I built this as the Ogre Slave Giant version. I've already made the "Chaos" version and have another one to make as an Orc and Goblin one.

Contrast paint for the flesh - quick but I'm not sure it quite works at this scale. Face is good - the big bits of body are a bit blotchy.

There's plenty of blue and yellow (broken wheel, shield on his right army, bits of trouser) all there as trophies for when he goes in to action against Stephen's Nordland army.

Overall pretty happy with him.

Friday 20 November 2020

1st Corps Miniatures Romano British slingers

 I actually painted these for the Age of Arthur gaming day in Peterborough three years ago.

However they were a very last minute job and so were little more than undercoat, faces wash, done.

This weekend I spotted them and decided to drag them properly over the finish line. Bit of fettling of bases, some leather and metalwork and they look more presentable.

Available from 1st Corps/Curteys miniatures

Thursday 19 November 2020

Perry War of the Roses Archers

Stephen has long been a fan of the War of the Roses.

However he's never found a rule set he likes.

While he's waiting for his bionic leg to power up he needed a project, so we decided we'd give Never Mind the Billhooks a try when the PLAGUE is over.

So I've got a bunch of Perry plastic War of the Roses troops to be cracking on with.

First up, some archers.

(just to prove I paint the backs too)

Lovely kit - easy to put  together and then paint up lovely.
My usual basic style these days - I undercoated in a mix of two browns and an olive green - then added base colours, followed by a Vallejo Sepia wash all over then reapplied the base colours as highlights.

Next step is to assemble some billmen.

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Warhammer Dwarf Cannon

I painted this cannon ooooh, I dunno, twelve years ago. Plenty of blue in the wash to give a sort of steel effect.

Soon after I painted one of the classic wooden cannons from the Dwarf range, along with crew and as I didn't have enough of an army to ever need two cannon - this is where it stopped.

Until now.

Finally cracked on and painted the crew.

All from the Battle for Skull Pass boxed set.

The crew, especially the pointy fella,  suffer a bit from being one piece and are a bit flat. The cannon's a wee pop gun.

But happy to have them in the army.

Saturday 14 November 2020

Frostgrave Ice Spiders

A couple of Reaper Bones spiders given the quick and dirty Contrast paint treatment for games of Frostgrave