Monday 24 January 2011

Keeping it Old Skool!

I've been feeling a bit Old School recently, enjoying the Classic Wargamer's Journal perusing and purchasing some of the Featherstone and Bath titles from the History of Wargaming Project (well actually most of them were purchased from Caliver but you get the idea), and picking up a copy of Terry Wise's Battle Games book (subsequently reprinted by the History of Wargames fellas).
Most of this was kicked off by getting the reprints of Charge! and The Wargame and (more recently) the Wargame Companion. Of all these I think The Wargame is perhaps my favourite and so today I spent a short while Googling how expensive a copy of Grant's book Battle! would be. Rather too rich for me was the answer.
However I was delighted that the power of Google led me to and the excellent news that the whole lot (and more besides) is available for free download. Scroll down to the file that some kind hearted soul has prepared of it all in a single .pdf.
So what are you waiting for? Go get it and revel in some old school wargaming gold!