Saturday 26 February 2011

All Kinds of Stuff

This week I've finished off and taken pictures of a pretty eclectic bunch of models. So here they are, you lucky, lucky people.

The Dwarf with Inferiority Complex miniature. I owned one of these when it first came out back in the early 80's. This is a more recent casting. I started painting him for the Old Skool competition over on the Warhammer Forum but I missed the deadline and only finished him up this week. Really fun and characterful old model.

Classic Citadel model from the old Night Horrors range. Another one I started with half a mind to enter in the Warhammer Forum competition but only just finished. I've left him gloss varnished to, ahem, reflect his slimy nature but it's making him hard to photograph. I may try again tomorrow under natural light.

From a Mordheim civilans pack, the sulking/stubborn girl known throughout Mail Order as "Alison". I've painted her as a generic Dark Age or Medieaval peasant girl.

Gruzkup, my Warboss for my (slowly) forming Orc and Goblin Army. A Games Day model from a few years back, love the pose.

A Black Orc Warboss. I think also a Games Day model, but I'm not sure.
He'll eventually join my Orc and Goblin Army when I get round to painting some regular Black Orcs for him to lead.

Friday 25 February 2011

Federals, Five of 'Em!

Flitting from project to project I bring you ACW. Some of the blue ones.
Jolly nice Perry plastics that the twins (well, one of them, Michael I think) gave me when they were released. Thanks Mr Perry Twins Sirs. So it's only taken me what, three years to get some paint on them.

I have some plans to play Blasthoff Bridge with them, then graduate onto the games from the Wargames Companion before finally playing a game of BlackPowder. I suspect I shall get old and die before completing this project.

I painted these using a simple basecoat and wash. For some reason I decided to use a white undercoat. It's very unforgiving compared with black (i.e if you miss a bit it shows), so I won't be doing that again in a hurry.

I've got a few more blue uns and some of the grey ones on the go at the moment, so unless I flit to another project stay tuned for updates!

Monday 21 February 2011

Dwarf Warrior Step by Step

I've just painted this fellow for a painting competition over on Bugman's Brewery.
And to make my life more complicated I decided I'd do a Step-by-Step guide to how I painted him.
So if you want to know how went from this:

To this:

Read on...

I started wth a black undercoat and used Citadel colours throughout

Stage One

Metal Areas: Boltgun Metal
Sleeves and half shield: Scab Red
Metal Areas: Badab Back wash

Stage Two

Horns: Scorched Brown
Armour edges and half shield: Catachan Green
Beard Bindings and sleeve turnback: Snakebite Leather
Flesh: Tanned Flesh
Boots: Scorched Brown

Stage Three

Horns: Bestial Brown
Shield Edge and design: Shining Gold
Beard: Bestial Brown

Stage Four

Horns: Snakebite Leather
Flesh: Dwarf Flesh highlight
Armour edges and half shield: Catachan Green/Kommando Khaki highlight
Sleeves and half shield: Red Gore overbrush
Beard Bindings and sleeve turnback: Chestnut Ink wash
Shield Edge and design: Chestnut Ink wash
Beard: Devlan Mud wash
Boots: Scorched Brown/Bleached Bone highlight

Stage Five

Horns: Bleached Bone
Sleeves and half shield: Blood Red highlight
Axe edge: Chainmail highlight
Flesh: Dwarf Flesh/Elf Flesh highlight
Axe haft: Chaos Black
Beard: Snakebite Leather highlight

Then I based him with sand which I washed with Brown Ink, before drybrushing Vomit Brown followed by Bleached Bone and then added some static grass.
Overall I'm pretty happy with the result.

Painting and photgraphing Step-by-Step is, however, a pain in the bum.