Monday, 26 October 2020

One Hour Wargames Napoleonics

As we lurch back in to lockdown (expecting Tier 3 later this week) face to face gaming has once more been put on hold.

So I decided to it was time for some more solo gaming. Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames are quick and easy to set up and play and doing both sides at once meant I needed nice simple rules to stick in my head.

I went with scenario six which is loosely based on Salamanca apparently. One side must exit half it's forces via the road whilst the other side ambushes from the flank.

I diced for the six units as the rules dictate, but the French really only have two options until I get round to ordering and painting some cannon for them. Naturally I decided to emulate "history" and have the French try and break through via the road.

Solo games mean you can take time for photographs. So there are rather a lot...

The British bar the way

But the French come on at pace

The ambushers emerge:

The 60th rifles stalk the hill tops

The French break column and prepare to fight.

The British line gives fire

The French voltigeurs screen the infantry

In line now, the French begin to fire on the British blocking the way.

The redcoats return fire destroying the lead French infantry

Supported by their cannon

Murderous close quarter musketry

The lancers threaten the British flank


The Voltigeurs hang in and give as good as they get. The Marie Louises also join in.

The troops blocking the road are under some pressure

The lancers charge home.

Whilst the line blow away the other British unit

The Voltigeurs destroy oneof the ambushers

Form square!

The cannon continues to rain down fire

Finally the voltigeurs are driven off

The lancers keep the British in square, whilst the infantry continue to shoot them down...

...until the square is destroyed and the road is cleared.

The Marie Louises move to counter the remaining British.


As the last redcoats rush desperately to close the road the French continue to fire on them.

The lancers move to cover the infantry as they march onwards

And finally the French cavalry leave the field.

Victory to the French!

This was good fun. The rules are simple to remember so you get to concentrate on moving the toys around (and taking pictures).
It's definitely a game rather than an accurate simulation of any form of warfare but it works well enough.

Monday, 5 October 2020

28mm Explosions

 Using wire wool, some coins and paint I have made some explosions or fire markers.

These next two are to marking something on fire a blazing building or brewed up tank)