Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Warmaster Flesh Hounds of Khorne

 Pretty much painted from scratch - these were just undercoated black when I started.

These are the original GW metals.
Don't think I have much more Khorne left in the pile - might need to do some more Slaanesh next.

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Battle of Degsastan - Midgard game

In preparation for Partizan next weekend James organised a test game hosted by Scrivs to test out the scenario. Based on the battle of Degsatstan where the Saxons of Northumbria gave the Picts a bloody nose.

James and I took charge of the Pictish hordes while Chris and Scrivs had the hairy Saxons.

For this game we used the 120mm wide bases we've been using for most of our 28mm games of Midgard (the rules don't care what size you use - base as appropriate for your collection/scale). However for the demo game at Partizan james is going BIG and will use 4 of the 120mm bases to make a single unit! This should mean the game still plays at a decent speed but with LOADS more toys on the table - which is a good thing.

The Pictish Horde assembles

Only the Picts had any cavalry, so I commanded them on the left flank

The stream ran through the valley, separating the forces and the Saxons (hairy) wasted no time in rushing up to the banks.

Theobald on his white hoss led the Saxon right.

Aedan the Pictish King was carried aloft by two strapping Pictish chaps.

Some desultory javelining across the waters.

RavenCam (tm) footage of the battle lines.

The Saxons splashed across the stream and fighting broke out. The Picts had a unit of turncoat Saxons who had made a beeline for the invading King.

More RavenCam (tm)

Proper Dark Age battle line clash

Aedan urges his men on

Aedan was challenged by Cerdic the Saxon

Sadly his elevated position made it hard for him to reach down towards Cerdic - who duly killed the King!

In the centre the turncoat Saxons were reaping the rewards of their treachery

Things were confused on the Pictish left with Theobald splashing back and forth across the stream

Finally Theobalds men were bought to battle by the Pictish King's son

Another challenge!

Again this went the way of the Saxons.

In desperation, with the battle turned against them the Pict cavalry charged Theobald and caught him in a sandwich

Meanwhile the Saxon king was wiping his sword clean on the cloaks of his dead turncoat brethren

As the ravens began their feast only the Pictish cavalry commander remained alive to try and rebuild a kingdom in the north.

A great game that ebbed and flowed. At one point it looked like we'd never get a result, but as usual with Midgard the last few turns saw one side crumbling and some desperate charges to try and tip the balance.

Some tweaking still needed for the rules but it always gives us a great game.

Friday, 6 May 2022

Warhammer Daemons v High Elves

Back to Ulthuan, where the Daemons are invading!

We used the old 6th edition version of Meeting Engagement, where you write down an order of march and deploy in that order out from the centre.

1600 points each, no lords and no rare choices. Winner would be whoever occupied the hill and the ruins.

I took mostly Slaanesh Daemons with a smattering of Tzeentch

Steve had a balanced force of filthy Elves.

Swordmasters, ulp! I don't have much can deal with them.

The Dragon Princes were soon in the ruins.

The Daemons pushed up on their right

With the fiends racing ahead.

Badly positioned flamers invited a charge into the middle of my lines.

As the Reavers rode up the flank

The Dragons rode down two units forcing my Daemonettes to turn.

So the Princes rode by them.

Over on the far side of the table the Seekers were annoying the Swordmasters by running round behind them.

By now my Daemonettes were caught in a storm of bow fire.

Finally one much reduced unit crashed home

In the ensuing challenge both characters died.

But, more significantly shortly after that so did the rest of my army.

A tough scenario for the Daemons against such a shooty force. I think I need to go either all Slaanesh, or all Tzeentch at this level of points.

Next game will be 2,000 might try and paint some more 'nettes for that one.