Friday, 18 January 2019

Ork Campaign Game One

The Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team have embarked on a 40K Campaign.
It is a campaign what i wrote.
I used the matrix campaign idea from the 40K rulebook re-written with scenarios either from the book or from Chapter Approved 2017 that work with three players (as some of the narrative ones from the original matrix don't).

Before Game One we built a world (or part of one) to fight over.


Steve helpfully pointed out that I could have made the map beforehand. And it was the wrong colour for the matt selected by General B. Thanks Stephen.
Difficult to make out on this image but we each began with four hexes (mine have red flags, Steve's are yellow and General B. has black flags - which allowed Steve and I to make Henry Rollins jokes) and there are three empty hexes.

Then we set up for the Patrol scenario from the rulebook.

 Da Mighty Klan Gruzzkupp
 ...and again

 Da Ginganutz Klan

 Ballruum'z Boyz

The game began with Klan Ginganutz pouring fire onto the hapless Ballruum Klan. While my Gruzzkup Klan ran up the length of the board. Well, at least the members of the Klan that could be bothered to show up did.

 Gruzzkupp leads da way

 Ginganutz ladz in da buildinz

The Ballruum Klan attempted to take the fight to the Bad Moons but were taking heavy casulaties (despite a Big Mek and his force field)

However eventually fightin' broke out in the middle. The shooting dice that had so favoured the Ginganutz Klan last week rather deserted them and the Evil Suns of Klan Ballruum chopped them up good and proper.

However Ginganutz had isolated the 'Ard Boys and took out grim revenge.

At this point both Steve and General B had begun racking up the points for killing one another while I was still footslogging up the pitch.

Geberal B then produced a stratagem and the CPs to use it that meant his battered boys pulled back - and then returned to the fray AT FULL STRENGTH!

However in his glee to pull back Gen. B. forgot about his Mek...

...and even his forcefield couldn't help him.

Finally some of the Gruzzkupp Klan saw some action. Sadly it was action with a big metallic behemoth.

And the rejuvenated lads of Klan Ballruum turned their attention my way...

Fortunately Gruzzkupp was able to sort out the Dredd

But at the cost of rather exposing himself.

Warboss Ballruum duly arrived to hand it out.

My Kans had Klanked up to the roadway and, rather to all our surprise, survived the assault of a boys mob.

Gruzzkupp, however couldn't survive being on the wrong end of the special power klaw thingy.

This put Ballruum Klan in the winning position. However the Bad Moon Buggery Buggy swept into position and unleashed it's payload all over Warboss Ballruum, killing his lads and snatching victory away!

A good fun game, though I was rather hampered by deployment and reinforcements.

In the post game campaign stuff I lost a hex to the Bad Moons, Klan Ballruum took one of the empty ones and the Ginganutz lads took another empty one. So I now have three hexes, General B has five and Steve has six.

And my warboss took a nasty shot that means he's -1S for all future games. Of course he did.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

40K Orks on Orks on Orks

The Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team assembled once more to do battle.
Our battle choices are limited as General Ballroom refuses to play Warhammer and Steve only wants to play Warhammer.
40K is a kind of compromise.

We've all got Orks so we fought with those, cos dats wot Orks do best.

Steve was using Bad Moons. Who are dead shoory in the new Codex.

I had Evil Sunz who are dead fast.

General Ballroom had bought his Mad Max Evil Sunz

I raced forward to grab a building.

Steve and I had plotted before to take the pain to General B as usually he picks on one of us and we can't stop his mega armoured whatnots.

However the new Codex seems to have re-balanced things. Yellow Orks shooting stuff is proper scary.
Dakka dakka dakka.

The Mad Morx Klan rumbled on into a storm of flying lead.

While I sneaked round the side and blew rokkits up their exhausts

Gebneral B decided to try and run over the new buggy thing. This proved unwise. It is a new thing, so of course it is very good.

Meanwhile the yellow lads were wiping out bikers and boys with more an' more dakka.

They did a bit of biffing when strictly necessary.

With their transport destroyed the boys had to attack the new Buggery Buggy

Some Mad Morx boys made it into combat

Before they got dakka-d in the face.

A lone boy was left to challenge the Buggery Buggy

We'd had enough soon after this with the Bad Moons declared the winner.
The yellow team shooting is terrifying. It also makes for quite a long shooting phase. Re-roll ones and sixes and then any sixes from the re-rolled ones.
Still I think Steve enjoys finally having a vaguely competitive shooty Ork army.

We're now about to embark on a campaign.

Stay tuned for thrill a minute Orky Akshun.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Dwarfs v Night Goblins - 8th edition Warhammer

Our last game of 2018 was Warhammer and so it was only right and proper that our first game of 2019 should be the greatest of all games - Warhammer (yes, this games was played before the OGAM game I blogged yesterday).
Steve had the afternoon off work and I had not yet returned to the office.
Steve also had around 40 bottles of beer "left-over" from Christmas that needed seeing to before they went off. Or something.

We decided on a big-ish game at 2,500 points. Steve wanted to go green (there's a clue in his name) so I took Dwarfs.

I worked up a scenario based on one of the many in Neil Thomas' book One Hour Wargames (whatever one may think of the rules, the book is worth it for the scenarios alone) - which in turn is based on a Stuart Asquith scenario based on the battle of Lundy's lane in the War of 1812.
With me so far?

The basic gist was that I started with a third of my army on a big hill. The Night Goblins began to attack with half their army, then another third of mine turned up, then the rest of the greenskins and then finally the last of my army who would arrive much closer to the hill.
Whoever had the hill at the end of seven turns would be the winner.

All that sorted out we set up, cracked open some beers and the game began.

For some reason my camera didn't like the illuminations in the Hucknall Palais des Jeux so the pics aren't great. Also by the end I was having difficulty focusing my eyes, never mind a camera lens.

 The throng assembles to defend Lunds Hill

 Boingy AND spinny!


Skarsnik rapidly led his fellows towards the hill. Well actually mostly he just pointed them in the general direction and hoped for the best.

Soon the shooty dwarfs were engulfed by bouncing spinning red stuff.

With a giant waiting to mop things up!

Oh look, here he comes.

So that's two huge spinning things, a giant AND a whacking great spider to deal with.

They gyrocopter was cornered by the squigs, but saw them off. Hurrah!

But the hill was a world of (dwarf) hurt.

 Nom, nom, nom!

Over by the road the rescuing Longbeards got themselves held up.

Seriously held up.

While the big lad carried on doing what big lads do.
Right up until the Warriors killed him.

Throndin arrived with the Hammerers to save the day (and the hill)

The spider decided to have a word about that.

I have no idea what these dice were. But i suspect the weren't what Skarsnik wanted (perhaps it was wound rolls on hammerers)

The bodyguard duly crushed the Araknorok and tried to secure the hill. However Skarsnik had maneuvered his lads on to the other slope as the battle closed!

A brief countback of points revealed that as Skarsnik had murdered more dwarfs than Throndin had managed to murder gobbos the battle of Lund's Hill would go down as a (narrow) greenskin victory.

Hurrah for Warhammer.
Steve and I are going to try and play WFB at least once a month in 2019 because we do love it best of all.