Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Steve Jones AWI at Partizan

Chum Steve Jones had his lovely AWI collection out on his all new fleece gaming mat (all the cool kids are doing fleece, man).

No idea what was going on. Redcoats handing it out to militia I expect. That's pretty much the entire AWI isn't it?

Anyway it looked lovely.
You can see Steve's prep and progress over on his blog.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Back of Beyond at Partizan

Lovely looking game staged by the League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers

Armoured trains, biplanes, camels, lovely range of Copplestone models. What's not to love about BoB?
(Must. Not. Start. New. Period)

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Tavronitis bridge, Crete at Partizan 2018

On the 77th anniversary of the start of the battle of Crete I was lucky enough to be invited by James to help out with his game showcasing the fighting around Tavronitis bridge  at the start of the battle.

My only contribution to the game were to paint some goats, some oil barrels and a Stuka.
All the rest of the terrain and models were by James, Sam and Mike.

Not much else to say really, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

These first few are of the set-up of the table, so not with everything yet in place.

Pictures of the finished table (and some gaming shots) start here:

In the village of Tavronitis Greek Partizans have already begun capturing paratroopers.

Worst. Boyband. Ever.

The full table

I painted the Stuka with the yellow nose.

These are shots of the game in progress in the morning. We used Chain of Command. I say "we" I left it to the people who know how to play (Sam and Mike) and instead spent the morning chatting and shopping. Play to your strengths I reckon.

The final (successful) assault of the paratroops on the New Zealand defences around the RAF camp.

Unfortunately due to a breakdown in communications at Tom's Toy Soldiers Towers I had to leave at lunchtime, so couldn't stay and see the arrival of the Matildas.

A really great morning out. Partizan is a great, great show very lucky to have it so close, and to be invited to help stage games like this.

More pics from other games to follow....

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Warhammer 8th - Ogres v Empire

To the North Nottingham Palais des Jeux once more for some Proper Warhammer.
2k points, Dawn Whatsit scenario (where you dice for where your units show up).

All of mine turned up on the left of the river which left Steve with a bunch of Empire troops stuck over on his left a long way from combat.

Steve began by shuffling his horsey types around (I hate pistoliers and the other shooty empire horsey fellas)

The Ogres just ran forwards. Or at least the ones that didn't have a spell cast on them did.

 Gentlemen, start your engines.

Over the other side of the river the Empire began massing.

Eventually the general swung round behind my lines.

At some point around here the Leadbelchers caused enough wounds on the crossbow unit to panic them (and the Grey wizard hiding with them). They fled the table - taking most of the Empire magic with them.

The halbardiers splashed into the river. And eight of them were washed away.

The general decided to take on the Leadbelchers.

Who cooked his goose/griffon. Turned out he was better on foot.

The Bulls crashed into the remains of the halbardiers and routed them back over the river.

Finally the Leadbelchers disposed of the Empire general and with that Steve conceded.

It was a short and brutal game. My dice were on fire and Steve's weren't.

I do love Warhammer.