Friday 30 July 2010

Hot Lead 2010 Part the Second

So, fortified by Mrs Miggin's famous slap-up feed it was time for some more hardcore miniature on miniature action.
Hereditary Enemies was the name of this particular game. So who would my Almoravids face? Fellow Berbers, effete Andalusians or perhaps Infidel Christian Knights?
Caledonians, obviously.
Clearly these Caledonians were a bit lost but Ibn Coldir had at last left the steppes as the battlefield was a desert. I was looking forward to this as I know Jim quite well from these events. His armies are always lovely looking, he plays in the right spirit and we always seem to have a laugh and this was no exception. Tactics and subtlety were not the order of the day, Jim having picked an all warband army to save on those difficult "shall I move forward or not" decisions and me possessing a Wargames dictionary that stops well before S or T. (Some unkind souls would say it barely gets past A for Attack but it clearly gets as far as C for Charge!).
Amusingly most of the units that got Hatred as part of the scenario were skirmishers. So we both gleefully threw them forward to die. Despite some skilful manoeuvring by my mounted troops the camels died to a hump and the horse fled from the board. No change there then.
In the middle it came down it some serious fighting between ranked up units with Jim's characters (and superior grasp of rules and tactics) making the difference. My General did come off better in hand to hand with a hairy Scot but apart from that I did a lot of running away and removing casualties. However a final unlucky bout of panic gripped the Caledonians and I was the undeserving recipient of far more victory points than I warranted.
A great fun game with a top opponent.

The Black Guard pick on some weedy skirmishers

We hate you! No, we hate you!

Picking on someone their own size the BG come off worst!

You're going home in an Almoravid Ambulance

Death in the afternoon

And so to the final game. Doubles. I was drawn with a fellow Almoravid player whose name I have forgotten. Sorry. And we were to take on Case, all the way from Holland using GB's own Almoravids allied with my regular opponent John with his Andalusians. Naturally having played John many times I lined up opposite Case and we went at it. It was one of those games where everything went right for me, and everything wrong for Case. I routed his horse, wiped out his spearmen, chased off his archers and only struggled to bring down his Black Guard. My camels fled the board obviously, but apart from that I suffered very little. Credit to Case he took it all very well (better than I probably would have done) despite poor luck playing more part than any tactical genius on my part.
Over on my left John ad my ally played out a much closer struggle, but I think we just nicked the overall victory.
Anyway, pics:

The two battle lines face off

Case's Cavalry get ready to bounce off

John's Andalusians swing round the far left

Andalusian v Andalusian Action!

Clash on the hill

The Black Guard that wouldn't die!

And with that it was all over.
A charity dice roll off raised a large amount of cash for the British Legion Helicopter appeal (I may have misheard) though as usual I won nowt.
My first opponent Graeme was the overall winner (he couldn't have done it without me, I like to think) and some other prizes were handed out too. My mighty performance in the last game (sorry Case), and undeserved points against Jim raised me to mid-table respectability but that's not really the point. Four great games, four great opponents, and Martin and the Beasties making great hosts mean I'm definitely already planning and looking forward to the next one. Roll on Cold Steel!

Thursday 29 July 2010

Hot Lead 2010 Report Part One

I've been very remiss in getting my report from last weekends Hot Lead up.
Real life and all that stuff.
So before the memory fades too much here's a far from in-depth look at what went on...

Game One was against Graeme's Rus.
I'd never played them before. All I knew was that they were from Beyond the Golden Gate supplement and therefore undoubtedly a bit...well...frisky.
As it turned out the list itself played no part whatsoever in humiliating demise, and Graeme was a thoroughly nice chap to play against. In fact I played him in the first round at Cold Steel a year or so ago, so clearly this is destined to be a pattern at future GB events.
We played the Booty recapturing scenario where the horrble Pagan Viking types were making off with some of Allahs goods. As a largely infantry based army chasing down Parthian shotting cavalrymen I was already on the back foot. Deploying nowhere near the Rus ensured it was even more uphill than strictly necessary.
Anyway, some pictures:

Parthian Shotters lure away Ibn Coldir's camels

You see those blokes on horses on the hill? Don't go near them!

Come on lads, it's gettin away!

Remember the blokes on the hill? Oh.

Eat spear Infidel!

The Black Guard fail to make an impact

Graeme played the scenario very well and I, well, I didn't. I killed a single unit of skirmshers whist Graeme got pretty much his entire army and the baggage off the board.
A good fun game and pretty much what I expected for the result.

So Game Two and I was playing against Rus, for a change. Clearly Ibn Coldir had got lost somewhere on the Steppes. Daves army was similar, but had a big block of fighty blokes on foot where Graeme had his small block of fighty blokes on horses. I was defending my shrine (actually Ibn Coldir's favourite camel) and thought that with my defensive strength I might do ok...
As it happened I was incorrect.
My cavary charged off into the back-field but were run off by some warbanders and never really got back to the fight. Parthian Shotting dudes (them again) peppered me on the other flank and it turned out that big blocks of spearmen are not what you need to beat up berserkers (even the friendly BtGG beserkers).
Images of the carnage:

Almoravid Battle line

Rus, ready to rumble!

Steady, lads, steady...

Fight, stab etc.!


Dave played a better game than I did, I made some charges when I shouldn't and largely squandered the horse. As a result Camelburgers were on the menu for the Pagans!
So after two games and a couple of hidings (both of which were charmingly and entertainingly administered) I was well on target for Wooden Spoon glory!
Part two to follow...

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Another El Cid Game

John came over last night for anther El Cid game. Sadly no pictures this time.
We played the Ransom scenario from the El Cid book using 1500 point armies on an 8x4 table.
Interestingly the flanks didn't get much use and the game would have fitted comfortably on a 6x4.
Most of the action took place in the centre of the battlefield, where an unfortunate series of panic tests saw Johns Andalusians end up fleeing just as he had got into a strong position.
On the right flank my camels finally redeeemed themselves after all their previous poor performances wiping out some jinettes and Johns irritating slingers.
Other than that the game was notable for me playing more cautiously than usual, not launching headlong charges with my spear blocks but waiting instead for the Andalusians to charge me. Tactics, whoda thought it?!
In the end I won a narrow victory, having lost just a single unit of spearmen and capturing John's Shaykh.
Tonight it's WFB 8th, 2k points of my Dwarfs taking on Tomb Kings (I think).

Thursday 22 July 2010

Almoravid Pictures

I've been playing with my camera, lightbox thingy and Photoshop Elements.
Here are the results so far:

Ibn Coldir's favourite camel

Another view
Black Guard Standard Bearer
Army Standard Bearer

I'm struggling to get pictures of units done, getting focus is proving tricky. Probably because my cameras not very good, and nor am I. More practice needed.
To come is another camel and some geese, you lucky people.

Monday 19 July 2010


Mixed Berber Spearmen and Archers

Tribal Skirmishers

A couple more of the units I took to Hot Lead yesterday (though two of the Squirmishers are AWOL).
A jolly time was had, battles were won (technically that should be battle, singular) and battles (definately plural) were lost.
I'll put an expanded report and pictures up here or on the WAB list later this week.
I'll also try and take pictures of the rest of the army too.

Saturday 17 July 2010

Hot LeadTomorrow

So it's up at half -past stupid o'clock tomorrow for the trip down to Gripping Beast Towers for Hot Lead. Hurrah!
I'm particularly pleased with myself as for the first time ever I'll be attending a WAB event (tournament is too strong a word for the gaming things I go to) with a fully painted army of my very own. Not that I've ever used unpainted models, a gentleman would never stoop so low, but I have had to borrow, proxy or use models without their shields or flags being finished to my satisfaction. But not this time. 1500 points of Almoravids what are all my own work.
I even finished them (late) last night so I've had the luxury of no frantic last-minute flocking this evening. I have to say I've quite enjoyed it.
Anyway I had time for a quick snap of one finished unit of Berber Spearmen (complete with new flag) before the camera packed up. Hopefully some pics from the event in the next post.

24 of Allah's finest, ready for whatever Evesham can throw at them!

Friday 16 July 2010


Getting my Almoravids finished for Hot Lead requires some flags. So I spent a little time with Photoshop Elements yesterday and made some. I then printed the results, taped the printout to a box I had handy and I've started painting over the top of the printout.

Top to bottom: Camel Riders, ASB, Spearmen, Black Guard

I'm sure if my printer were better I could have just cut them out and glued them on, but paintng gives them a bit more "weight" and I'll be highlighting them once they're on the models and folded to shape.
Pics of the finished results tomorow, hopefully.

Thursday 15 July 2010

El Cid Hot Lead Warm-up

A few pictures from my Hot Lead warm-up game on Tuesday evening:

A resounding victory for the forces of Ibn Coldir (me).
You can read a full report on the WAB Forum

Tuesday 13 July 2010

First Post

I've been meaning to have a blog for a while and now I have.
Last night I prepared a Mighty Empires map for a Warhammer campaign I'm kicking off.
Here's a rather poor picture of the map:

The kids helped me put this together using Mighty Empires tiles.

And here it is in graphical form:

I created this using Hexographer, which is ace.

There are four of us playing, divided into two teams. Each player has three 1000pt armies that he allies with his team-mate to form three allied 2,000 point armies.
Armies can move up to two hexes, claiming any hexes they move through.
When armies meet, fighting occurs.
First set of map moves will be made tomorrow night with the first campaign battle the week after.
I'll update as the campaign poceeds.

In the meantime I've got a game of El Cid using WAB2 this evening as a final warm-up for Hot Lead. If you're lucky there will be pictures tomorrow.