Wednesday 30 March 2022

Warhammer Daemons v High Elves

Back in the Sherwood Soldier Shack for another game of the Greatest of All The Games - Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
We've got a four player Triumph and Treachery game lined up for over Easter (please, drink responsibly) so I decided to dust off the Daemons some of which will make an appearance then. Stephen inevitably took Daemon Kryptonite - or High Elves as they're sometimes called.

We played the diagonal deployment scenario with Stephen electing *not* to have the Banestone on his side of the table.

The purple and blue forces of Tzeentch and Slaanesh manifest!

The Elves hitch their skirts and get ready to fight.

Over on my left the Horrors may have bitten off more than they can chew

The elves meander about the curiously down at heel village (probably where their staff live)

Sneaky elves appear in the rear (stop sniggering at the back)

The Daemon centre pushes forward

Hapie...err...whatever the flying Daemons are called and the Seekers rush to deal with the Shadow Warriors.

The big lad rushes forward


The Pink Haired Daemonettes discover that the honking great horde of High Elves with spears also carries the special banner of nullifying daemons.

The Elves move to the rear (I said stop sniggering)

Lots of shots from the Reavers - 2+ ward save thangyouverymuch

The big bipedal bull bashes home

As does his six limbed chum

The Screams perform a harmless flypast

The second unit of Daemonettes pick on a softer target

This lasted longer than I thought.

The Shadow warriors proved pretty durable

After feeding the unit champion to big bull boy the Elves throw the Reaver champion to the same fate

Nearly over

The purple-haired Daemonettes chased off several units, but on their return to the board found the going a little tougher.

Eventually only the big bull boy was left and inevitably the elves shot him to bits and he mooed his last

Good fun game. The Elves are "frisky" to say the least. In close combat the 'nettes can just about hold their own, but before then they're under a positive hail of extremely accurate and powerful bow fire. And the less said about magic banners and spells designed specifically to kill Daemons the better.
It ended a bit closer than it looked at times though.

Now thinking about some sort of Ulthuan invasion campaign....

Thursday 24 March 2022

Empire Civil War - Game Five

And so to the climax of the campaign! The invading Nordlanders have forced their way deep into Middenland. At the dirty backwater settlement of Sockewichsen the Middenheim general Abelard von Gesegnet turned and determined to make a final stand.

This was to be the Raise and Ruin scenario from the Warhammer 8th edition Big Red Book. My Middenheim army was only 1800pts whereas the Nordland invaders had 2400. All they had to do was eject me from the buildings, or raise Sockewichsen to the ground.

Handgunners hold the line

With a bit of, ahem. "Fire" support!

The local raving madmen of the apocalypse turned up

The Middenheim crossbowmen arrived

As did the turncoat Nordland pistoliers, keen to see off their erstwhile kinsmen.

The loud bangs drove the flagellants more demented.

Stephen had difficulty locating his usual forces (he's packing up to move to the Isle of Man) so had arrived with a largely cavalry army to attack some defended buildings...

Still, that's a *lot* of firepower.

The Captain on Pegasus flapped into backfield.

The Nordland spearmen took protection from the Luminark (that looks a bit like a Steam Tank)

Aldebard led the knights on a charge into the Babygriffs.

The Middenheim canon lit the blue touch paper and...

Nordland knights skirted the tower

The pegasus took on the handguns.

Having dealt with them he flapped on.

Actual War Wagon trundling around in the rear.

The knights picked on the harmless mortar

Much to my amazement the knights saw off the Babygriffs. Though at some cost.

Nordland halbardiers entered Sockewichsen.

The knights, deciding shooting wasn't doing it charged the watchtower.

With the war wagon trundlingchsen up in support.

Aldebard took on the Pegasus captain.

But the watchtower remained in the hands of the Middenheimers.

Despite fire and magic raining down on them at the end the blue and white forces clung on!

And so the Nordland incursion was turned back at the last,

Overall the campaign belonged to the blue and yellow but a last ditch stand at Sockewichsen allowed Middenheim to claw back some respectability.

As a result of this campaign I finally have a fully painted 2000 point Empire force. Hurrah!

Wonder what we'll play next?