Friday 22 February 2019

Ork Campaign Game Five

Time for the next thrilling instalment of our campaign!
I forgot to look up which scenario we were playing, so we just played the basic objective cards one.

I had some Lootas instead of a Dredd, Steve had a new yellow jet and General B had the same army as last time (though he had moved the scenery a bit)

 Waaagh Ginganutz was enjoying a pleasant afternoon by the river bank

 Waaagh Ballruum ranked up, ready for a game of War of the Ring

I had the first turn. So decided to run at everyone else all at once.

Ballruum's ladz stood in their orderly ranks and files.

See, running at everyone.

Da Ballruum jet fingy swooped overhead.

The Ginganutz had a Kan with them.

And a gun older than Gork (or Mork) himself.

Turns out that new yeller planez drop burny bombz on the ladz.

Eventually Ballruum'z boyz lumped in to the Magnificent Seven Nobs.

Seizing his chance Gruzzkupp sneaked up on Ballruum. And snipped 'is 'ead orf!

Gruzzkupp's boys also shinned up the big column, standing proudly erect above the table.

Then they opened the Kan up

At this point (the Gruzzkupp high water mark) the batteries ran out on my camera.
Which is fortunate as things went less well for the remainder of the game.

The Ballruum boys climbed the huge erection and duffed up the ladz, then Ginganutz shot everyone else to death.

In the end a stunning concentration of killing (and the spending of carefully farmed command points) saw a huge swing of VPs to Ginganutz who claimed the battle and indeed the entire campaign.

Ilkestaaan is Ginga!

Thursday 21 February 2019

Of Gods and Mortals at Hammerhead

*Unfortunately Real Life (tm) means we're not going to be able to put the game on at Hammerhead on Saturday*

Hopefully we can do it at Partizan later in the year.

Chum James has very kindly invited me to help him out, and so we will be running participation games of ‘Of Gods And Mortals’ at the Hammerhead show at Newark (UK) Showground on Saturday March 2nd - please come and join us if you fancy a game. OGAM is one of our favourite rules sets: a fast-playing and entertaining mythological skirmish game from Osprey Publishing.

Our table (GA06, in the main hall on the left) will feature two different cultures: Celtic at one end, and Greek myth at the other. Players can choose to play either pantheon, with Gods , legends and mortals from our eclectic miniature collection. Zeus, Talos the Bronze Giant, the Minotaur, the Dagda and the Morrigan should all be putting in an appearance.

We will be running two main games, probably at 10:30 am and 1:00pm - these will be standard-size 900 point games, lasting about 90 minutes. We will also be playing short taster games (about 30 minutes) to order throughout the day. You can pick your pantheon - Greek or Celtic - and play with 1-4 players.

As well as this, we have been donated some OGAM-related prizes  by Nick at Northstar and Osprey, so we’ll be giving these away throughout the day in a mini treasure hunt competition to anyone playing the game.

For any further information, please feel free to drop us a line (use the comments section); you may also be interested in James’s article ‘Why I Love OGAM’, which appears in Wargames Illustrated magazine this month (March edition).  There is also a Facebook group dedicated to the the OGAM rules set.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Wednesday 20 February 2019


A few Orks have dropped off the Waaagh Gruzzkupp production line

A Black Reach 'Eavy Shooter boy (I now have too many of these to actually be able to use without painting ten more boys).

Same model from a (very) marginally different angle.

Aother Loota. I can now field a unit of five.

And finally a Weirdboy.

I can barely see the difference between these two pictures.

A conversion using an Orc boy body, head and spear arm. The other arm is from the Stompa set I think and the copper "halo" is Ork shoulder pads.
I seem to remember reading once that Weirdboys always took the skull of the previous weirdboy and used it in their magic, so it made sense to stick an Ork skull on top of the pole.
Pretty happy with him

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Warlord Lancers Command

Finally finished the command for the Warlord Lancers.

Pictures have come out a bit dark.

The leader fellow was a proper pain, The horse ankle snapped repeatedly, despite my best pinning efforts. I;m not that keen on the pose either. Also weird that he's on a galloping horse when all the plastics in the unit are standing/walking.

Anyway, they're done now (bar a little bit of basing)

Monday 18 February 2019

OGAM Banshee

A birthday present this from James. Thanks mate.
A "hero" for my OGAM Celts.

Lovely model from Northstar.
Painted up quickly and easily (Whitw undercoat, Thrakka green wash, a few white highlights. Base)

Sunday 17 February 2019


Steve and Other Steve and I went to ROBIN today. Mainly because it's practically on the doorstep.
I forgot to take the camera, but that wasn't too bad  there wasn't much to take pictures of.
James was there with the Lenton Gamers with his lovely Red Book of the Elf King which looks great but I have no intention of ever playing. Partly because the models whist beautiful are pretty darn expensive but mostly because there's no room in my brain for another Fantasy Skirmish game.
Sam Down Order was there too with a very nice looking Chain of Command Normandy set up.
Apart from that here weren't many games it seemed and none of them caught my eye.

I wasn't intending to buy much, and didn't.

Here's the pic:

Some MDF from Warbases - six holers for the OGAM participation game I'm helping James with at Hammerhead and some skirmish ones for OGAM skirmishers. Plus some Warbases ummmm bases (50mm for Gods, ovals for horses). I also grabbed a late War MG for the stalled WW1 CoC project and a fountain because fountains are cool.

Saturday 16 February 2019

Warhammer 8th Edition Orcs v Dwarfs

A free Sunday meant Steve and I could play The Best Wargame Ever - Warhammer.
He took Orcs (just Orcs, no filthy gobbos) and I took Dwarfs.

We played the basic battle line, line up and run at each other scenario

Steve had boarboys and a chariot on one flank.

I figured hammerers and longbeards could sort them out

Meanwhile Clansdwarfs and quarrellers would hold the hill on my right.

The Arrer boys immediately failed an animosity test. Irritatingly they ran forward to get in to range.

The firepower on the hill didn't really thin out the onrushing hordes.

The Longbeards prepared to meet the savage Orcs.

Lots of shooting had rather thinned out the hammerers.

The boys crashed in to the clan warriors.

The Savage Orcs failed their charge, so the longbeards took advantage.

The hammerers dealt with the cavalry but all died in the process. Fortunately Lord Throndin was still rampaging about.

Having dealt with the Arrer Boys (who failed their test and fled) he was charged by the crossbows (who had failed their animosity test)

Look, Arrer Boys in full flight.

The Clan Dwarfs were hanging on grimly (as dwarfs like to do) despite the attention of some savages with bows.

Throndin decided to help out the longbeards ( despite their protestations that they were doing fine and didn't need a hand)

And the quarrellers went to help the warriors.

The savage Orcs wiped out the Longbeards before Throndin could get there. So he duffed them up and made them flee.

But he closed in on them.

The Orc warboss escaped the massacre of the warriors and decided to go pick on the Organ gun.

But it was all too little, too late. Throndin murdered the savage Orcs to death and the battle belonged to the Dwarfs!

Warboss Ginganutz was annoyed but powerless.

A great fun game. At first it looked like the Dwarfs would be overwhelmed. But some stubborn defence (do dwarfs do any other kind?) turned the tables. Plus Throndin's unstoppable rampage against the Orc right flank helped immeasurably