WAB El Cid Event 2012


 Sunday October 14th at Maesltrom Games' Eye of the Storm Venue

Refight the early Reconquista of Spain in the late eleventh century. Raise your forces and join your faction to gain glory, territory and riches as warfare rages across the Iberian peninsular.

Come and join us at the Eye of the Storm, Mansfield on Sunday 14th October for three games of WAB using the El Cid supplement.

To take part you will need
A 1600 point fully painted WAB army chosen from the following lists in the El Cid Book:

The Taifa Kings
The Age of El Cid
The Almoravids

You will also need a further 250 points of models for use in some games. These 250 points should be chosen from the same list and when combined with your main list must create a legal 1850 point list.
These models must be fielded in their own separate units (i.e. they cannot be additional models for units in your 1600 point force).
To reflect the shifting allegiances and changing fortunes of this era of warfare all the units and models in your 250point force will be subject to the Alliados y mercenarios rules from the El Cid book, even if they're chosen from your main list.

We will be using the WAB2 rules, the El Cid supplement and all the errata

In addition you may not use lances

There will be three games played on the day, with scenarios in use (some old favourites and fiendish new ones of our own devising - probably) and some doubles games to be played

The players will be divided into four "factions" based on racial/religious grounds (i.e. all the Spanish together, all the Andalusians) though this will obviously be dependant on the players and armies that attend. Each faction will play each of the other factions once, with one faction emerging victorious.
Bonus cards and deployment cards will also add to the mayhem.
There will also be the opportunity for infighting, challenging for the kingship, ransoms and all the other intrigues that make this era so much fun to game.

This is just a provisional outline of what to expect on the day.
I'll be updating this page as the event draws nearer.
Nearer the date we hope to have a "campaign pack" available to download.
There are sixteen places available (though as me and Scrivs intend to play, that number is already down to fourteen).
Cost will be £12 (including lunch) and as I don't have Paypal and I'm not about to start, you'll need to post me a cheque. E-mail me for details.

This is intended as a fun day of gaming with a chance to play with colourful armies from a great supplement in a relaxed environment. So dust of your paintbrushes, book your pass-outs and start planning your armies.

If this sounds like your idea of a fun day out then please get in touch via e-mail

In Summary

When: 14th October 2012

Where: Eye of the Storm, Mansfield

What: Three games of WAB using lists from the El Cid supplement

Cost: £12 (includes lunch)