Tuesday 28 May 2019

Doom Diver

Who doesn't love a Doom Diver?
To my mind this is the proper version. The later contraption that looked like it might sort of work, and had Night Goblins on it in no way holds a candle to this piece of lunacy.

Monday 27 May 2019

Warhammer Relief of Karak Eight Peaks

Deep in the annals of time way back when everything was black and white and made of wood the Warhammer 4th edition Dwarf army book had some army lists for a game based on the Relief of Karak Eight Peaks.
So Steve suggested we play that. But using 8th edition rules, naturally.
Steve had pretty much all the models needed, so all I provided was a single unit of Night Goblin archers.

Unfortunately I'm still struggling to get good pictures in the North Notts Gaming Hall, so what follows are few and dark

The path to the hold lies open:

The fearsome slayers of the relief force.

The Clan Dwarfs on their way to relive their besieged fellows.

Te defenders of the hold sallied forth.

The clans dwarfs got some Orc in the face.

Skarsnik arrived with his red hooded lads.

And unleashed whirling death on the Longbeards.

The Slayers were whittled by archery.

More fanatics dogged the relief force.

With the Slayers thinned out they were easy pickings for the Squigs (though they played havoc with their death spasms)

The relieving dwarfs ploughed though the Night Goblins.

And that's where the pictures run out. 
We called it a draw in the end - the Lord of the relief force still lived, but most of his army was dead. Including the Lord who held the hold. So effectively the Dwarfs swapped one Lord for another.

A good fun game that actually held in the balance right the way through.

Partizan Swag

As always at a wargame show, I came home with some toys.
Though the busy nature of our game meant  didn't get to wander around shopping.

Here's my bulging sack of goodies. So stuffed it broke the handle.

First up, a Witch. On a Moose. Brilliant model and just what I need for my Of Gods and Mortals Norse. The Bad Squiddo range has some great models in for a fantasy Norse force, so I may well be back for some cats, shied maidens and the like.

Movement trays. pre-ordered from Warbases. I've decide to give my Ogres some actual proper trays at long last.

A Bumper Bag O' Celts. James had actually picked these up from Northstar for me the week before. More of the Slaine inspired models. I should have enough for a large OGAM force or enough to make a Dragon Rampant force or some to use in James' mass battle rules.

Rosa Luxemburg - the show freebie. No idea what I'll use her for, but hey, it'll be fun to paint up at some point.

More of the Warbases order - to finish off my Afghan fort.

And finally some paint. My browns are running low, so I grabbed a variety from the Tree Fellas (only two of them, not three, and one a woman, so not all fellas).

Thursday 23 May 2019

Of Gods and Mortals at Partizan (Pt3 - Greeks)

As well as all the Celtic goodies we also took along James' smaller portable table and our Greek forces.
The idea was to run smaller quick participation games on here while playing larger, longer games on the big Celtic table.
As it happens volume of punters plus shortage of helpers (Matt unfortunately was poorly on the day - get well soon mate) meant we didn't get much gaming of any sort in.

I made slightly more of a contribution to this set up - bringing all my Greeks along to provide two full forces.

 Chum Martin giving the rules his first ever try out

All in all a very splendid day out.

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Of Gods and Mortals at Partizan (Pt2)

Some more pictures from my day out with James at Partizan

The figures are an eclectic mix.
Some of the newly re-released Northstar (ex Fantasy Forge) Celts
Quite a lot of the Alternative Armies Erin range
Gripping Beast Dark Age Irish
A few Foundry
Trent Miniatures Godiva
Warlord plastic Celts
and even some of the risible Wargames Factory Celts

Monday 20 May 2019

Of Gods and Mortals at Partizan (Pt1)

James very kindly invited me to help him out at Partizan with his Of Gods and Mortals Celt game.
This set up was originally intended for Hammerhead but family issues meant we cancelled at the last minute, so it was great to get the chance to show it off at Partizan a couple of months later.

The main set up was James' huge fleece mat expertly modelled to look like the green and flowing hills of Bronze/Iron age Ireland a home to Celtic Irish myth (with a little Slaine thrown in to the mix).

We set up several warbands suitable for OGAM various Celt, Fir Bolg, Fomorian and Tuatha De Danann types with the Dagda, Morrigan, Balor, Epona, Cuchulainn and others besides in attendance.

We chatted to loads of people, played a few games and generally had a splendid time.

Here's some pictures

 The table set up


 The Dagda with his pot

 Slaine looking on

 The Morrigan, chillin'

 Nasty Fomorians

 The Fir Bolg claim the sacred grove

A bear. In the woods. I wonder what he's doing?