Saturday 30 September 2017

Footsore Late Roman Sagittarii (4)

Four more of these all finished off.

12 is a goodly number for what should be a pretty effective (by AoA standards) shooting unit.

Friday 29 September 2017

Footsore Late Roman Spearmen (3)

Four more stabby fellows.
This brings the unit to 20, so just the command to finish off (and they're half done) and I'll have three units.

Then it's on to the big unit of Paedos Pedyt.

Saturday 23 September 2017

More Soldiers

On my way to do the weekly shop this morning I called in on Footsore Mark (who lives just around the corner) and collected a small box of soldiers.

It's not everyone who's lucky enough to get a box of Late Romans with their weekly Tesco purchase.

The box contains enough for a large unit of Pedyt and some extra archers to make the unit 12 strong.

I also got the lovely Guinevere freebie model, which I really want to start painting but as she's not part of the army I must resist.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Footsore Late Roman Spearmen (2)

8 more finished (sorry the pics are a lttle dark.
Now I really am out of Late Romans to paint.
I do have 40 odd shields to sort out but I think it's definitely time to order some more from Footsore.

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Another Deffkopta

Whilst waiting for Romans to dry I added various bits of pigment to this one.
So now I have two finished (and work begun on a third)

Saturday 16 September 2017

Footsore Late Roman Spearmen

Eight more spearmen roll off the production line. The next 8 are 50% base-coated. So it's nearly time to get in touch with the Footsore crew and order the final unit (and a couple of extra bits) for the Peterborough army.
These still need shields and basing, but I'll do that all in one go when the unit's finished.

Friday 15 September 2017

WAB - Age of Arthur Scouting Clash

Stephen and I have set our sights on attending the forthcoming Peterborough WAB Age of Arthur day
As a result we've both been painting frantically. True to form he's finished 75 models and I've done 8.
Anyway we decide it was time for a game.
There's a skirmish scenario in the WAB book that only requires 750 points a side. Sadly Steve's 75 models only aded up to 250 points, so I dug out the Saxons to make up the numbers.

General Ballroomius commanded a Saxon force with a unit of Late Roman Milites (they were paying the hairy Barbarians to fight for them)
Whilst Steve had a Saxon force with a bunch of Irishmen along for the craic.

The game began with a general Irish advance and some nasty slinging (20 in a game this size was probably too many on reflection),

The Romano Saxon force also advanced - with the Geoguth making for the hut.

After another round of withering stone fire Ballroomius could take no more and rather ill advisedly charged the Irish fellas on the hill.
Clearly this late in the Roman period the spears had been replaced by rubber versions and the sixteen or so attacks resulted in but a single dead Irishman. In return the five Irish attacks killed four Romans who promptly turned tail, fled and were cut down.

This left the Irish warbands converging on the Saxon archers.

Over by the Dark Age Shed the youths had failed a warband test and with the hut in the way simply milled around for a bit. Seizing the opportunity the Saxon cavalry charged them in the flank.

Things went badly for the archers...

Finally the Duguth on Duguth action arrived. Unfortunately Ballroomius's mercenaries had been given the same spears as their employers and they too bounced off and fled.

The cavalry eventually routed and ran down the Geoguth and some javelin and slingshots eventually left the Saxon warlord alone and surrounded. He didn't even get a decent death in combat - he was javelined down as he charged home...

This was all over very quickly. The fatal charge by the Romans meant Ballroomius was always on the back foot. And he rolled terrible dice whilst Steve's largely ran hot.
Sadly WAB 1.5 felt a bit clunky after so long away from it. Hopwefully I just need to get my head back around the rules and it'll all come back to me. I also think bigger games will help - at this scale a single poor combat means it's game over. Also 20 slingers is broken in a 750 point game.

It all looked very splendid though. Steve will have a great looking (and model heavy) army when he finishes it.

Thursday 14 September 2017

Footsore Late Roman Command

These have been hanging about half-painted for a good few years.
Finally they're off the painting table (though they still need basing).

Lovely models, though this one with his gormless, braying open mouth unfortunately reminded me of a certain well known shitsack, Euro-Gravy-Train-freeloading-failed-MP and bigot.

So this must be Faragus Minimus, bleating against the incoming Saxons. Like a small minded, frog faced racist.

Friday 8 September 2017

Another game of 40K

And so once more to General ballroom's for a game of 40K
Usual drill, me with Orks, Gen. B. with 'Nids and Steve taking over the role of Emperor's Finest from the Gaming Heir.

Gruzzkup began, like in the last battle lurking with his lads in the ruins.

The Fists arrive, ready for some Fisting.

That's a big, bloody fist you have there sir

The gribbly alien swarm decided to run at me this time.

So I sent out some kans to deal with 'em.

A lictor appeared. On the objective.

There now follows two rather unsuccessful "arty" shots of the Lictor.

Hive Fleet Ballroom sent the Broodlords in to deal with the Kans

Whilst further 'stealers ran at the Orks in the ruins.

Soon after this, the game ended.
The Tyranids had largely wiped out the Orks, but at some cost.
So the Marines were able to amble over and park a Dreadnought on the objective and claim the win.

Thursday 7 September 2017

Big Zulu Game

We weren't the only 54mm gamers at Hereward.
As well as our Oppy Wood participation game some other chaps were playing a proper big game of Zulu.
A little bit Hollywood and a little bit historical accuracy, or so they told me.
Anyway, i thought it looked splendid and grabbed some pictures.