Tuesday 28 February 2023

Warhammer Triumph and Treachery Empire, Ogres and Orcs and Goblins

After a good nights sleep and a brief and bracing dip in the sea I was ready for Morehammer!
First we sped off around the narrow roads of the Isle of Man to collect Spandex from the Hovercraft. I was quite jealous I'd just come on a regular old boat. Next time.

On the way back from the future of transport we stopped off for fortifying victuals at the Dairyman's Daughter. Then back the the South Man Palais des Jeux for a three player Triumph and Treachery game.

In this game the scattered forces from the previous battle would bump in to the relief force led by Anders Weieselhalle a novice Imperial commander. All three armies are searching for the best passage to Schmuzlarden. Fortunately someone has left a map. On a wheelbarrow. In the middle of the battlefield...

Boris the spider was back..

The Nordlanders arrive

Hurrah for the Mournfangs

No water today - straight on to the golden stuff

Boris went scuttling off in search of Ogre flesh.

So I gave him some.

Unfortunately his venom was bit more potent this time around.

The Bulls headed toward the wheelbarrow.

The Mounrnfangs were trying to find a big enough glass and piece of card to deal with the spider

Savage Orcs headed toward the middle.

Fanatics came twirling about

The Orcs grabbed a wood.

The Red Hood pushed on into the face of Outrider fire.

The Ogre tyrant spied a chance for revenge.

This position led to some debate 
Were the Ogres in the flank or not?
Steven was suffering from a poorly eye, so his lack of depth perception and focus meant he was unable to clearly see that it was a flank charge.
Andy was unable to adjudicate.

The Empire soldiers massed toward the wheelbarrow.

The knights awaited the winners of the fight in the wood.

Meanwhile the Night Goblin horde was dealing with the Outriders.

Crunch - flank charge it is!

However having run down the Savages the Ogres then got a taste of their own medicine.

The Night Goblin rampage continued.

Run away!

Tentatively the Empire made for the wheelbarrow.

All the Ironguts were dead.

Bulls to the rescue


Both sides were whittled away.

Fortunately the battle ended before the Empire general could return and claim the objective and win the game. So victory went to the Ogres!

Hurrah for Warhammer.