Tuesday 7 February 2023

Lord of the Rings Three Player

Over to see my chum and his son for some more Lord of the Rings using the MESBG rules.

We each had 500 points and got points for killing enemy leaders and finishing close to the fire. I foolishly forgot my camera again and so the pictures are slightly crappy phone images.

I took Orcs and Wargs. You get a lot for 500 points!

I included my recently painted Warg riders. Only one of them survived the first turn. Sigh.

Grishnak led his boys off toward the fire.

And sent the Wargs to deal with some Rohan archers.
Turns out Wargs are quite good.

Meanwhile the Orcs got the marshmallows out by the fire.

The Gondor infantry proved a bit more difficult to digest than the Rohan fellows.

And the marshmallow toasting session was interrupted.

But the Orcs managed to hand it out mostly.

Soon after this the game ended and because my Warg Chieftain had eaten Faramir and I had most bodies near the fire it was a victory for Mordor!

MESBG is a very jolly little system - it gets a bit complex with lots of models on the board, but it's ggod fun and easy to remember.

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