Wednesday 30 August 2023

Tiny Wee Sheep

 10mm sheep from Pendraken.

Ideal for objectives or just "set dressing" in games of Warmaster.

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Midgard - Basilieus v The Amazons

James and Mat joined me at the Soldier Shack for another game of Midgard.

For a few years as part of playtesting we've been gaming a series of loosely linked Greek myth games wherein Baileus attempts various quests to surprise and delight some god or other.

This time he was off to Amazonia in search of Hipolyta's girdle. Something she wasn't going to give up without a fight.

With the door open and late summer sunshine coming in, some of the photography is a little dark. Sorry.

The forces line up, Basileus on the right, Amazons on the left

James has painted the Amazon army (mostly Lucid Eye models) this summer.

Fauns had joined Basileus.

And some Roman allies...

The Amazon army looks very nice.

Loadsa chariots (James advice is to wait for one of their regular sales)

The harpies are 3D prints from Etsy.

A Priest of Hades had joined Basileus to counter any foul feminine magics.

Wasting no time Basileus pushed up.

The Amazon sorceress created a magical barrier to protect one flank.

The hoplites closed in the centre.

The Roman allies faced off with the chariots.

The Fauns were content to shoot at the chariots across the magical barrier.

The clash in the centre began, with Basileus leading the way.

The chariots finally charged on the flank

Basileus and his royal guard made good progress.

Hacking his way towards the Amazon queen.

Resistance was stouter on the flank.

And the harpies picked on some skirmishers.

The chariots found the legions tough going.

The stand off continued on the flank.

Battle was joined along the rest of the line.

Finally Basileus attempted to pull off Hipolyta's girdle

Man-to-Woman combat.

Hipolyta was cut down and the Amazon force was wavering.

A final counter-charge saw Basileus too cut down, but his protective god swooped down and carried him from the field.

With that the game ended. The Amazon cup was empty and the Greeks had triumphed.

Good fun game - we learned more about magic in the system - the rest of the game feels pretty solid and works well. The games always look great, with a real "massed battle" feel but they play fast and easy.

Monday 28 August 2023

Warhammer 8th Edition Chaos v Dwarfs 2400pts

Kenton bought his very nice Chaos army over for another 2400 pointer. We diced and ended up playing Blood and Glory (the one when you need to get flags and kill generals to win).

I took the Dwarfs, even though i think they're pretty filthy and broken in 8th edition.

I rather "castled up" in one corner, hoping the river would turn out to be fatal to Chaos. I'd taken quite a lot of firepower.

The Chaos forces meanwhile deployed as far forward as they could.

Pretty soon they'd dipped their toes in the raging torrent and discovered it was Necrotic Ooze.

The much vaunted Dwarf gunline was something of a damp squib.

 The brave Clan Groznog Warriors launched themselves at the Daemon Prince.

Who gleefully set about them.

But they hung on, stubbornly.

The Juggers picked on some Quarrellers.

And the Nurgle Warriors went after the Thunderers.

The Slayers took on the Dragon Ogres - this in theory should have been an ideal match up for them. But in fact they just died. Slowly but inevitably.

All along the line the Dwarfs were fighting.

The Ironbreakers finally joined in.

Still slowly being whittled away.

The Daemon Prince, his Warrior snack finished, headed for the middle.

The Ironbreakers were holding the flank and murdering much of the Warrior centre.

The Chaos Chariot ploughed into the Longbeards, but I was confident they'd hold - and then chop if to kindling.

The Ironbreakers continued murdering the Chaos forces fed to them.

And then it all went wrong! A purple sun wiped out half the Ironbreakers including the Lord. In the meantime the Chariot beat the Longbeards who, without their Lord's leadership broke and were run down!

Victory to the forces of Nurgle.

A see-saw game. I was in good position until the Purple Sun went off with Total Power. The effects were devastating! But then the Ironbreaker unit with General and Standard Bearer is something of a "Deathstar" and spells like Purple Sun are designed to counter deathstars, so "live by the sword..." and all that.

Kenton and I are now planning a campaign using different armies in an escalation style.

Join us next month to see how we get on...