Wednesday 31 May 2023

Wormaster Warmaster Warm Up

With the Wormaster event in Worcester fast approaching Matt kindly agreed to a last minute warm up game (nothing so ungentlemanly as "practicing" you understand, merely a gentle re-familiarisation with the rules)

I gave him a 2K Chaos force probably a little sub-optimal is it relies on what I have painted and I took the 2k of Empire I'd be using at Wormaster

Heron on Griffon and pistoliers supported by crossbows hold the right flank and protect the artillery.

Big block of infantry and knights in the centre

Matt sent the chariots racing forward.

And parked the warriors on the hill

He landed flyers in behind so the hellblaster and missile troops turned to deal with them.

The Steam Tank Choo-Chooed off in front.

The chariots took damage and were driven back confused.

But I didn't fancy trying to shift the warriors

Dragon Ogres raced out and smashed in to the knights

Eventually they were driven back but at some cost to the Empire horse.

Remaining White Wolves took on the Marauder horse.

While the Stank fought chariots.

The last DO tried his luck against flagellants.

The knights struggled to make headway against the Marauders.

More chariots came and brutalised the Steam Tank (I forgot it counts as defended, which didn't help)

The hero had to go and help the knights out.

Meanwhile the Chaos Knights were advancing on the Empire guns.

The Empire left flank remained unmolested.

Chariots made it to the rear of the Empire lines. Which is less than ideal.

And the Knights hammered the artillery.

After killing the guns the Chaos knights got attacked by the flagellants.
And I threw Pistoliers in to the mix.

Warriors came to try and rescue their general.

But at the last the knights were cut down and the Empire claimed the win.

Good fun game that I sneaked a win because Matt had mistakenly thought his general could leave the combat.
Mostly I learned that Empire is actually quite hard to use and remembering why I'd mostly played Chaos in the past!

Next stop Worcester!

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Warmaster Pistoliers

 Another unit of Warmaster Pistoliers

Contrast Paints doing a lot of the work on these.

Friday 26 May 2023

Chaos Warriors v Orcs - Warhammer 8th ed

Khorneton bought his lovely Chaos Warriors over for a game of Warhammer.

I decided to get the Orcs out for a laugh. Just Orcs, no Gobbos (though there were trolls and giants along for the ride). 2400 points playing the scenario where you have banners and a general for your break point.

The forces assemble.

Spuggy Dave the giant leads the way.

Dragon Ogres!? Filth!

Battle about to be joined.

A sunny day on the Sherwood Soldier Shack made for some "interesting" pictures

Though it was Kleary Kold in Khornetown as they bought their own snow with them.

The Khorne Warriors splashed into the river and discovered it was MADE OF BLOOD!
Which they rather liked.

Spuggy Dave took chariot and Dragon Ogre to the face. Though not quite as many Dragon Ogres as expected as a big green foot had already squished one.

Although Dave was dealt with the last of the Dragon Ogres then found himself looking at a whole load of vomit coming his way.

Bravely (foolishly? with Orcs it's hard to tell) the Boarboys charged the Juggers.


Chariots thumped in to the Chaos line.

Including an empty one (memo to self: make crew for chariot)

Flappiibastd the Daemon Prince was busy harvesting magic dice and haemorrhaging Leadership thanks to some magic item or other.


The contents of the trolls' stomachs removed the Dragon Ogres. So the beast chariot thing decided to have a go at the same thing.

The chariots proved reasonably effective, but the Stone Trolls found warriors a bit gristly and indigestible.

I was rather hoping the boarboys would run away, forcing the Juggers to pursue them into a deadly swamp. Instead they hung around then were all murdered.

The Orc Boys and Big Un's crept toward the centre.

Then the Boys took on the Warriors.

A distinct absence of Rennies meant the Trolls were well equipped for dealing with the Juggers.


Flappiibastd the Daemon Prince caused the Blaock Orcs to soil themselves and flee. Then found himself on the flank of the Arrer Boys

The warriors were grinding through the Boys.

Flappiibastd the Daemon Prince  prepared to cut down the Arrer ladz.

However at this point I came to try and rally the BlOrcs and the Big Un's (who had fled a flank charge.
Fooolishly I rolled the BlOrcs first - and a 9 was not enough. I then rolled a 10 for the general in with the Big Uns who fled from the table along with two standards and the game was up!
Had I rolled the other way around the Big Uns would have rallied and the BlOrcs would then have had a re-roll.
Quite an Orcy way to lose though.

Great game and good company and the Orcs (well, the Trolls mostly) did surprisingly well against the Warriors for most of the game.