Monday 28 June 2021

Warhammer Ogres v Empire

Stephen and I convened for another game of the Greatest of All The Games - Warhammer.

Fancying a change from the Gob Off I went with Ogres and Stephen pulled out his Nordland Empire.

We decided to play the scenario with Glory and Flags, where you win by capturing flags and killing generals

The dice gods decreed a lot of scenery for this game. The craven Nordlanders cowered behind a river.

And lurked behind a house

Volkmar had even painted his wagon blue and yellow (he was born under a wanderin' star)

The Mournfangs arrived. Excrement was about to get actual.

The Tyrant and his lads lurked by the tower

Follow the yellow and blue brick road. Hur hur!

The Nordlanders waited, their fancy yellow and blue trousers slowly turning brown.

Volkmar launched himself at the Mournfangs, expecting assistance from the Greatswords - who declined to paddle the river.

Meanwhile the Tyrant and his pet headed for the halberds.

A mass of grey flesh headed for the bridge.

Whilst the big lads got stuck in

Whittled by magic and crossbows not many Bulls made contact with the swords.

Still the Greatswords bided their time

Volkmar did alright as the Mournfang armour appeared to be defective.

At last the Greatswords splashed home

But it was too late to save Volkmar

Over on the bridge more bulls had a go at the swordsmen.

While the Tyrant made the halberds pay for the death of his pet giant.

Again the bulls were whittled.

The greatswords cleared the Mournfangs and the Leadbelchers

But it was on the far side of the battlefield the fight was won as a long range fireball immolated the Ogre Bruiser BSB to break the army and lave the field for Nordland.

Monday 21 June 2021

Warhammer Goblins v. Goblins again

 We enjoyed our last Gob Off, so decided to do it again.

I've been on holiday for a week since we played, so this is mainly pictures as I can't remember much detail.

My horde lumbers forward

The Spiders attempt a clever swerve around the icon.

The giant hid from the bolt throwers behind a house

Steve had plenty of wolf chariots this time

And a walloping great spider

The big spider went after the ickle spiders

Wisely they swerved it.

The stone trolls smacked into some Night Gobbos

The spiders began running away.

The river trolls stumbled into the squig herd.

Eventually the giant was sent to squish the big spider

Unfortunately he had a big club instead of a rolled-up newspaper.

Fanatics were flying in all directions.

The spiders rallied and tried to deal with the gobbos that had seen off the trolls.

More trolls smashed into my archers.

And extra Night Goblins attacked my venerable regular goblins.

The spider squish continued.

Haha! I caught some goblins in the flank.

But they got away.

Finally the chariots arrived.

Oh dear, my horde caught in the rear!

And the front.

This was the death knell of my force and despite doing more damage to Steve's army than last time I was ultimately vanquished.

Playing with goblins is plenty of fun.
Hurrah for Warhammer!