Thursday 31 March 2011

Retinue WiP (4)

More work last night.
Pretty much finished apart from bases and a nice Little Big Men transfer for the Atheling's shield


Highlighting on the hair with Bubonic Brown. The tail on his hat was worked up wth Bubonic, Bleached Bone and Skull White and the shield given a coat of white in prep for the transfer. Some metal edge highlights with Chainmail and Scorched Brown/Bleached Bone highlights on his footwear.


 Highlighted the severed head with Pallid Fesh and did the hair with Bestial Brown and Devlan Mud. The fox pelt (I decided it was too wee for a wolf) is Dark Flesh, then a Dark Flesh/Tanned Flesh drybrush over the Bestial basecoat, followed with an Ogyn Flesh wash.The feathers are Fortress grey highlighted wth white and Chaos black highlighted with Shadow Grey.The pouch on the staf is Bubonic with Gryphonne Sepia wash and the piece of jet is Chaos Black with a Gloss Varnish. Boots as above.


Iyanden Darksun and Gyphonne Sepia for his headband. Mechrite Red with a Devlan wash for his Seax handle and assorted Browns covered with Devlan mud for his spearstaff. Boots as before.
Hopefully I'll get them all finished tonight.
Still struggling a bit with the picture taking those these seem a little better.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Retinue WiP (3)

Did a little more work on these last night, not as much as intended, but some is better than none. Not sure the pictures are much better ether *sigh*.


Bestial Brown highlights on trousers and Bestial on the tail on his hat. Tallarn/Elf Flesh highlight on the flesh. Shining Gold over the gold bits followed by a Chestnut Ink wash over all the gold and the leather bits. Scorched Brown on his boots.


 Drybrush of Graveyard and then Bleached Bone on his staff. Pallid Flesh folowed by Ogryn Wash on the severed head. Fortress Grey highlight on the beard. Bestial Brown on the animal pelt. Flesh, gold, boots and leather as above


 Flesh, gold, boots and leather as above. Dark Flesh highlight on his hair.

Monday 28 March 2011

Retinue WiP (2)

Work continues apace on the retinue.
Just as well as the contest finishes this weekend and I need to use the models in the Open at Mansfield on Saturday.
Unfortunately the pictures are rather dark. I'll take some more tomorrow, by which time they'll hopefully be nearing completion


The leatherwork is Snakebite Leather. His flesh areas have been re-highlighted with Tallarn Flesh and his green clothing with Knarlock Green. The hair is Tausept Ochre with a Gryphonne Sepia wash. Trousers are Bestial Brown with a Devlan Mud wash and there's some Tin Bitz where the gold will be. The cloak has had most work (not that you can tell from the picture) with Mechrite, then Red Gore and finally some Blood Red/Red Gore mix highlights.


The Wiglera has had highlights of Calthan and then Calthan/Kommando Khaki on his frock, with Deneb Stone on the cloak. The staff is Charadon Granite, drybrush Graveyard Earth and then a Devlan Mud wash. Beard and hair is Astronomican Grey and his manbag is Khemri with the ubiquitous Devlan. Flesh, leather and gold are as above.


The scop has had Mordian and then Enchanted Blue highlights added to his cloak and Khemri and then Khemri/Kommando Khaki highlights on his trousers. The hair is Dark Flesh. Flesh, leather and gold are as above.

Hopefully I'll get some more paint applied this evening.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Retinue WiP

I'm painting up some of the lovely Musketeer Miniatures Saxons. For three reasons. One, to use them in the WAB Open in early April, two to enter in the Warhamer Forum painting competition this month, and three because I've had them for about four years now and really it's time I got on with it because they are jolly nice.
So here they are at an early stage of develoment.


So far the armour has had a Boltgun Metal Coat followed by a Badab Black with a small amount of Asurmen Blue wash. The Cloak is Mechrite Red with a Purple Wash and the other clothing Knarlock Green with a Thrakka Green wash. The flesh is Tallarn followed by an Ogryn Flesh wash.


I love this model, really dynamic, I can almost hear him proclaiming heroic Sagas about his Lord.
I figured a Scop might be a bit of a dandy, so he's been given white clothing (White highlights over Deneb Stone) and a rich blue cloak (Mordian with an Asurmen wash), his fine moleskin trousers are Khemri brown with a Devlan mud wash. The armour and face is as above. I'm planning to give his clothing some trim, which will test my painting ability.


Crazy badass Pagan Priest, another really caracterful model. So far he's had a Calthan brown smock washed with Devlan mud and a Deneb stone cloak washed with Gryphonne Sepia.

Next stage is to finish off the basecoats and washes then start building up the highlights with the basecoat colours. Stay tuned for further developmens!

Friday 18 March 2011

From the Deep

Tried to get some better shots of my Fishman (this is not a euphamism).
Not sure they are much better, but the gloss varnish is making life tricky

He was fun to paint, though he'll probably never get used in a game.

Sunday 13 March 2011

Throndin’s Enormous Throng

Kraznik Ironbeard grumbled to himself as he hurried along the ridgeway path looking for Thrum Greymane. Why had the old fool chosen today to go wandering off in the foothills? Why wasn’t he back at the hold with the rest of the Clan? That way Kraznik could be checking his armour and making his farewells to his family rather than hunting half-way across the Grey Mountains for him.
He rounded an outcrop and slowed his pace as he approached two seated Dwarfs- after all he was Captain of the Clan Groznog Hammerers and had his dignity to maintain. Neither of the figures ahead of him was Greymane, but they should be able to at least help him locate the errant Dwarf.
The two Dwarfs were deep in contemplation and puffing furiously on pipes and so didn’t hear the Hammerer approach.
“So when you’ve got it in a tight grip” the older of the two was explaining “you take a firm hold of the haunches and…”
Kraznik cleared his throat. The two leaped to their feet as if they’d sat on a hot steam plate.
“Captain Kraznik!” the younger Dwarf exclaimed, blushing furiously “We didn’t hear you, sir!”
“Evidently not. Young Blundin Thringg isn’t it?” The Dwarf nodded, his face as red as his jacket.
“I was just explaining to this beardling how to…er…milk, that’s it, milk a goat, sir” interjected the older Dwarf.
“Were you now, Drim Copperhead?” the Hammerer raised an eyebrow. “And what exactly are the two of you doing out here?”
“We came for a walk with Thrum Greymane, Captain. Get some fresh air, that kind of thing…” the old Dwarf tailed off
“And where is Greymane, I need to speak with him” Kraznik demanded
Blundin opened his mouth to speak but all that came out was a cry of pain.
“Sorry beardling, was that your foot?” Drim enquired with a meaningful stare.
“He’s just gone for a… er… walk, sir” the older Dwarf continued.
Just then a strange cry split the air. The Hammerer instinctively reached for the weapon strung across is back.
What in the name of Grungni was that?” he cried
“What was what?” asked Copperhead
“That terrible noise you fool, or are you deaf as well as foolish? It sounded like a goat, but a goat in some distress” The Hammerer scanned the direction from which the sound ad emerged. Suddenly Drim went rigid and, pointing in the opposite direction, yelled “TROLL!” at the top of his lungs.
Kraznik span around, hammer at the ready seeking out the deadly foe.
“Oh no, it’s just a rock. Silly me” said Drim Copperhead.
Kraznik was just about to launch into a tirade at the older Dwarf when the bushes behind him parted and a dishevelled looking Dwarf emerged.
“Right then Thringg, your tur…oh, hello Ironbeard, fancy meeting you here”
The new arrival looked flustered and out of breath
“Greymane, at last” barked the Hammerer “Where have you been?”
“Well, er…I…that is…er…”
“Look, never mind that now” Kraznik continued “Throndin has called out the Throng! Gather your men together, we march at dawn! To WAR!”
His message delivered Kraznik Ironbeard turned on his heel and set off back the way he had come.
“Oh, and don’t forget to fasten your trousers before you go see Throndin” he called back over his shoulder.

This is the background what I wrote for my Dwarf army that I took to the winter Throne of Skulls Tournamanet a couple of months ago.
And here are the models (click for bigger and better pics):

Lord Throndin Groznog

Army Standard Bearer Grimm Grobismite

Runesmith Krut Goldseek
The Clan Groznog Warriors 

The Groznog Thunderers

The Groznog Quarrelers

The Groznog Venerables 

Throndin’s Hammers 

Steely Dan

Moriz’s Miners 

The Leveller 

Turn Counter

I came last out of the assembled Dwarf players (all four of us) but had five very pleasant games of WFB. Despite all wailing and gnashing of teeth from th'interweb comunity about the Powerscroll Spam, Magic Dominated, cheese-fest of uncomped 8th edition  I didn't see or hear of a single power scroll and most of the armies seemed pretty balanced and sensible. I was however pretty disapointed with the numebr of participants and the standard of painting, both of which seemed lower than the old GW GT's.