Tuesday 29 January 2019

OGAM Celts (2)

I've painted some more of the plastic Celts from Warlord (nice) and Wargames Factory (not).

Sixteen more in total. Which, combined with the eight I did earlier is more than enough mortals for an OGAM game.

As before these are block coat, dip and base. Quick and dirty but serviceable.

I painted eight in armour

And eight in their pants

Several of these need shields.
But for now I need to crack on with the heroes and a goddess.

Monday 28 January 2019

Dwarf Warriors

Almost eight (8!) years ago I painted a Dwarf warrior from the Skull Pass boxed set.
Readers who get irate when they discover that Top Gear sometimes makes up some of the jolly japes that happen on the programme are advised to look away now.
You see gentle reader I didn't paint a single Dwarf Warrior, carefully stopping at each stage to take a picture before moving on to the next stage. Oh no. I started painting five models and did each one to a different stage of completeness. Then I took pictures of the five stages and posted them in an early example of what the Orange Simpleton occupying the White House would describe as "fake news".

Anyway, flushed with Dwarf excitement after the recent game with Steve I went looking in the Dwarf box and discovered the four part-finished models and thought it would be what's known as "a laugh" to finish them off.
So here they are in all their mono pose, stiff armed glory.

You'll notice that almost eight years of languishing, unloved, in a box means that one of them had lost an axe, requiring a replacement.
They are, to be fair, terrible models, but they give me an extra rank so I'll hide them at the back and no-one will care.

Friday 25 January 2019

Ork Campaign Game Two

Steve as the winner of the previous game chose to Probe. As I knew he would. I as the loser chose to hold. Consulting the matrix that meant we'd be playing Cleanse and Capture which is the basic 'six objectives and Strategic Objective cards' scenario.

On arrival at the Ilko Gaming Hut we discovered that we'd left the desert and would be fighting over a green and verdant part of Ilkestaaan. And even the scenery was in different places.

So we threw down objective markers, set up and got ready to rumble.

Both the Ginganutz and Ballruum Boyz had bought a jet. Gruzzkupp had bought a knife to a gunfight.

All the Ballruum Boyz began by facing towards Gruzzkupp. Which seemed harsh.

Ginganutz had the Buggery Buggy back again.

Da Ballruum boys got the first turn and sent their jet zoomin' toward the Kustard Yellow Flyer

As well as the Buggery Buggy, the flash Bad Moons had a Chuffnut Wagin with them

The planes zoomed past one another. But the red one came off very much worse (probably due to lack of a canopy to protect the pilot) and only narrowly avoided being shot down by a Grot pistol.

The Ballruum boys started yompin' toward Gruzzkupp's ladz.

And the Flying Kustard zoomed toward Klan Gruzzkupp

Wisely the ladz took cover, managing to booth capture and then hold objective 6 in successive turns. Loadsa VPs!

However Da Ballruum Boyz arrived to spoil the fun.

But actually took a good hidin' for their troubles (Waaagh Banners for da win!)

Unfortunately Warboss Ballruum hisself turned up with some more ladz and finished the job.

All of which had rather left Klan Ginganutz unmolested. So on the last turn they broke cover, seized three objectives and a load of VPs to tie the scores!

However there has to be a winner, so by dint of not losing a single model the Bad Moons were again triumphant. Booooo!

Another good fun game.
The objectives made for a fluid game and added plenty to it.
I think both General B. and i are struggling to deal with the shooty power of the Bad Moons.

In the map phase Steve stole a territory from the Ballruum ladz and claimed the last empty one. Giving him a whopping eight hexes. I attempted to steal one from the Ballrummz too, but our roll was tied, so nothing changed hands. This means I have but three hexes and General B has four.
Steve then (inevitably) chose to Probe and I chose Reinforcements so we'll be playing Roving Patrol - a scenario from Chapter Approved 2017

Friday 18 January 2019

Ork Campaign Game One

The Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team have embarked on a 40K Campaign.
It is a campaign what i wrote.
I used the matrix campaign idea from the 40K rulebook re-written with scenarios either from the book or from Chapter Approved 2017 that work with three players (as some of the narrative ones from the original matrix don't).

Before Game One we built a world (or part of one) to fight over.


Steve helpfully pointed out that I could have made the map beforehand. And it was the wrong colour for the matt selected by General B. Thanks Stephen.
Difficult to make out on this image but we each began with four hexes (mine have red flags, Steve's are yellow and General B. has black flags - which allowed Steve and I to make Henry Rollins jokes) and there are three empty hexes.

Then we set up for the Patrol scenario from the rulebook.

 Da Mighty Klan Gruzzkupp
 ...and again

 Da Ginganutz Klan

 Ballruum'z Boyz

The game began with Klan Ginganutz pouring fire onto the hapless Ballruum Klan. While my Gruzzkup Klan ran up the length of the board. Well, at least the members of the Klan that could be bothered to show up did.

 Gruzzkupp leads da way

 Ginganutz ladz in da buildinz

The Ballruum Klan attempted to take the fight to the Bad Moons but were taking heavy casulaties (despite a Big Mek and his force field)

However eventually fightin' broke out in the middle. The shooting dice that had so favoured the Ginganutz Klan last week rather deserted them and the Evil Suns of Klan Ballruum chopped them up good and proper.

However Ginganutz had isolated the 'Ard Boys and took out grim revenge.

At this point both Steve and General B had begun racking up the points for killing one another while I was still footslogging up the pitch.

Geberal B then produced a stratagem and the CPs to use it that meant his battered boys pulled back - and then returned to the fray AT FULL STRENGTH!

However in his glee to pull back Gen. B. forgot about his Mek...

...and even his forcefield couldn't help him.

Finally some of the Gruzzkupp Klan saw some action. Sadly it was action with a big metallic behemoth.

And the rejuvenated lads of Klan Ballruum turned their attention my way...

Fortunately Gruzzkupp was able to sort out the Dredd

But at the cost of rather exposing himself.

Warboss Ballruum duly arrived to hand it out.

My Kans had Klanked up to the roadway and, rather to all our surprise, survived the assault of a boys mob.

Gruzzkupp, however couldn't survive being on the wrong end of the special power klaw thingy.

This put Ballruum Klan in the winning position. However the Bad Moon Buggery Buggy swept into position and unleashed it's payload all over Warboss Ballruum, killing his lads and snatching victory away!

A good fun game, though I was rather hampered by deployment and reinforcements.

In the post game campaign stuff I lost a hex to the Bad Moons, Klan Ballruum took one of the empty ones and the Ginganutz lads took another empty one. So I now have three hexes, General B has five and Steve has six.

And my warboss took a nasty shot that means he's -1S for all future games. Of course he did.