Wednesday 28 April 2021

Fomorian Witch

 I *think* James gave me this model - I suspect he smuggled it in to some Northstar Fomorians he picked up for me from Northstar a while ago.

This one is from the Alternative Armies Fomorian range and very nice it is too.

Mostly painted very quickly with Contrast paints.

Need to crack on and finish some warriors to go with her.

Tuesday 27 April 2021

A Nuther Ork

 Look at my Nob.

Chunky old metal model.

Wish he'd gone on a bigger base as otherwise he's destined to faceplant and chip. *sigh*

Monday 26 April 2021

Dwarf Lord

This fella has been sitting around on my painting table for a looong old time.

Finally finished up

 Might paint some more stunties now...

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Great War Miniatures Late War British (4)

You wait years for a post about Great War Miniatures Late War British and then two come along at once.

These Bombers were a Christmas gift from the (sadly retired) Gaming Heir.

Lovely models to paint up. Need to get some Officers and some Lewis guns next I think.

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Oathmark Plastic Skeletons

 I bought these as part of the launch a few months ago just because I really liked them. I thought I could use some in games of Frostgrave and the others in all manner of situations like Song of Blades or Sellswords and Spellslingers or for James' Midgard rules.

Anyway I stuck together and painted a handful but they languished nit quite finished and based for a bit. Until this week when I fancied finishing them off.

The leader and drummer are metal, the others are all plastic. It's a lovely little kit with plenty of options. The arms are a little on the fiddly side but i really like the resultant dead bronze age bloke vibe.

This unit of eight will work well for Midgard, although I'm now thinking I should o twelves so I can play Dragon Rampant...

Sunday 11 April 2021

28mm WW2 TT Combat Northern Europe Houses

 A couple of buildings from the excellent value TT Combat range

Both for use in early war games with Martin when lockdown comes to an end.

First up the two story Maison Amelie 

Absolute bargain at just £7. Upper floor and roof both removable. The top floor can be rotated/reversed. I "rendered" the walls with some ready mixed plaster mixed with a little PVA. The shutters (some of which need a touch up, looking at the pictures) are made from cardboard (provided with the kit).

Next up Maison Celeste.

Single story and just £5.  Annoyingly I've taken pictures with the roof on wonky - it's a good fit in reality, honest. Similarly rendered with ready mixed filler.
Both models painted with mostly emulsion tester pots.

Really pleased with both of these models. I've got the village bakery up next and will be ordering a couple more.
My only mild criticism is that the doors and windows have been sized to the figures, which makes them (to my eyes at least) a bit oversized for the ground scale. Always a tricky thing to get right with buildings in particular - make them right for ground scale and the figures won't fit through, make them to figure scale and they look oversized. Not something I'm going to lose sleep over and you really can't argue with the quality and price.