Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Well, well, well

 Actually three holes in the ground...

At one point Stephen and I were going to play the venerable Grudge of Drong Warhammer campaign.

Possibly we still are, who knows and who can tell?

Anyway the first scenario I think requires some mineshafts that drunk Dwarfs can fall down. So when Stephen and I began playing the Doom of Belegar campaign I decided to make a bit of underground scenery for flavour and thought that maybe some mineshafts would be a good plan. Dual usage you see. Anyway, pandemic interrupted the campaign but I guess we might be starting again in a bit so I finished these off

This one has a simple ladder for ascending and descending

I *may* make some winching gear or something for these as well. Or I may not.

Warbases bases with stones glued to the edge, then all painted with emulsion tester pots.

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  1. Those look really great. I am envisioning quite a few scenarios to use with them.