Wednesday 27 April 2022

Warhammer Empire Army

Over the last few months, spurred on by our Empire Civil War I've finally painted up a 2,000+ point Empire army that I've had marinating in the Lead and plastic pile for many, many years.

The advent of Contrast Paints has been a huge boon for this project. The bright colours work well for an Empire army and compensated for my slow painting speed.

My army, inspired by the original 4th edition versions is a "polyglot" affair assembled from multiple states. I know the fashion these days is for a single state colour scheme (and nothing wrong with that) but I've always liked the idea of troops from across the Empire coming together to face a common enemy, so mine are in a whole variety of colours.

I've shared some of the units as I've gone on and some of these have featured in the past as WiP's but here's all the ones I finished off and tarted up to get the army finished. Quick and dirty pics, so not always showing off at their best either. Anyway, excuses done...

First up pistoliers. I hate pistoliers when Stephen uses them against me. So these are painted in the blue and yellow of Nordland to match the colours of his army. They're the Old Perry metal models, and a bugger to rank up.

Fire Wizard. I've experimented with some of the others, but as a simpleton I keep comimg back to Mr Fireball. Old single piece plastic model I think originally for Talisman or Heroquest.

Amber Wizard, or whatever they're called these days. This one does double duty in my Kislev army.
Another classic plastic.

And finally the Jade (life?) version.

You'll find the Grey Wizard here.

Crossbowmen. These are the "hybrid" kit with metal arms. A proper bugger to stick together and very prone to pinging apart if knocked over. 

You can find a matching unit of swords hammermen here.

Knights. Some of these were painted many moons ago for our Sigmar's Blood campaign.
But I added a few more and finished off the General.

Speaking of whom...
Built from the sprue in the 6th edition starter set plus a hammer from the Mordheim hairy head sprue.

And continuing the 6th edition theme some Hochland handgunners.

An Ostland mortar - from the plastic kit

And matching cannon. Though in this case the cannon is an old metal one.

And more handgunners. In an alarmingly bright blue of Middenland.

And finally some Militia - again originally for the Sigmar's Blood campaign.

There's a still a unit of spearmen to show, but they need a flag and I'm struggling to get it painted.

So the army as it stands consists of

General, Standard Bearer, Wizards (assorted), Warrior Priest

30 Spearmen, 24 Swordsmen, 10 Crossbows, 2x12 Handgunners, 20 Militia, 18 Flagellants, 10 Archers, 6 Pistoliers, 11 Knights, Cannon, Mortar.

I think I need a break now but I'd like to add another decent sized unit of infantry - halberds probably - some more characters, more artillery and...and...

Monday 18 April 2022

Warhammer Triumph and Treachery in Lustria

Stephen and Kenton (from Lenton) came over to the Soldier Shack for a game of Warhammer Triumph and Treachery. We were supposed to have the regular Good Friday Massacre but late family plan changes meant that didn't happen. Sorry Keiran.

As a result this was a bit more sober than some most of our Bank Holiday games. 

We used my jungle terrain and the Lustria rules from the End Times Thanquol book for a bit of variety.

1200 points plus 300 points of mercenaries.

I took Daemons (Slaanesh and Tzeentch) with some Dark Elf allies.

Kenton (of Lenton) had Daemons with mortal allies (or possibly the other way around) Khorne and Nurgle varieties.

Meanwhile Stephen had Dark Elves with Tzeentch Daemon allies.

Quite what we were all doing in Lustria only the gods themselves know.

Kenton faithfully promised not to attack me. As he always does then. Then set up close to me with his whole army pointing at mine. As he always does.

Anyway. I went first and attacked Kenton - figuring it was better to get it all over with.
Blue Fire vapourised a Khorne Daemon. And gave them regeneration.

Soon after a nasty roll on the Daemonic winds of magic saw my Dark Elf sorceress evaporate and a rampaging Herald of Slaanesh appear in my deployment zone.

The Khorne Daemons advanced.

The smoking remains of my sorceress.

Meanwhile the Druchii also headed for me. I am always the filling in the sandwich.

Witch Elves! Yikes!

The Horrors managed to miscast and burst into flames!

The ladies spied an inviting flank and sped into the Bloodletters.

While my Elven allies awaited their brethren.

The ladies made fairly short work of the Khorne Daemons, but sadly didn't kill them all.

And so took Plaguebearers in the flank.

An attack which surprisingly they survived and turned to face the Nurgle lads.

Toward the centre I sent the Fiends in search of cavalry.

The Nurgle general attempted to charge the Horrors. Needing only a four to rumble home.


The Nurgle and Slaanesh Daemons went toe to toe, or possibly hoof to claw. Or something.

A second attempt saw the Nurgle hero hammer home.

Another miscast immolated more horrors.

While the Dark Elves tightened the noose.

Despite flying over and flaming from assorted Daemons the Dark Riders  held firm.

Dark Elf clash!

My Daemons are few now in number.

But still hanging on!

The Dark Elves, having dispatched their brothers and sisters rampaged into the Nurgle hero, robbing me of victory points!

And with that time was up.
My failure to kill the Dark Riders was the difference between winning outright and a tie. Though given Steve's army was largely intact and mine...errr...wasn't - a tie is generous to me.

Great fun game that went at a reasonable pace and had plenty of action.

Hurrah for Warhammer!