Wednesday 29 December 2021

Frostgrave: Hunt for the Golem - Attack Site

With the eldest boy returned from University and Covid playing havoc with meeting plans we found we had time for a little family Frostgrave.

I was hoping we'd get to play the complete Golem campaign but last minute itinerary changes means it looks like this may in fact be the only game in the Frozen City.

I decided to switch things up and take the Thaumaturge I painted a while ago - the boys stuck with their tried and tested Necromacer (eldest) and Elementalist (younger) - not least because I only recently painted up new models for just such an eventuality.

The site of Golem based destruction. Insufficient corpses (we'd need 15!) meant I used pennies to indicate the mangled entrails of less successful warbands

Gretty Babel thaumat-urges her men into the killing zone.

While her apprentice Lyrna Moy is well protected.

The Necromancer's "kill squad" picked a fight over by the well.

Lyrna wisely kept her distance.

The Elementalist kept finding wounded men. Then ignoring them in favour of more treasure.

"Excuse me while I step over this semi-frozen almost dead bloke"

The  battle was going, ahem, "well" for the Necromancer as Barbra Ian the Barbarian sliced up the Infantryman.

With a thief helpfully pointing out the target the crossbowman took aim.

Meanwhile my Man at Arms was making off with a suit of armour.

Barbra and the Hound have thinned out Gretty's lads.

But the torch-lad holds firm.

 Eventually however he was extinguished.

Meanwhile the Elementalist had run off with most of the treasure - although the Necromancer found the Top Secret Golem Instruction Manual.

A good fun little game - mostly spent remembering how the rules work and looking up spell effects.

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Empire Civil War - Game Two

Regular readers (thank you both) will recall that Stephen and I began an Empire Civil War campaign a while ago. Stuff has gotten in the way since then (mainly drinking and playing big T&T games) but rearranged Christmas plans (thanks Covid!) meant we were able to resume.

After the first game the Nordland army has forced their way into Middenheim territory. The Middenheim army turns to counter attack! This was a scenario adapted from one in Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames book, which is in turn based loosely on the battle of Langensalza. Apparently.

I deployed a forlorn hope, the Nordlanders had their full army, but I knew of two secret river crossings! Whoever held both village and bridge at the end would win.

The thin blue and white (and allies) line deploys.

The Blue and Yellow Nordland men arrive.

With an artillery park

And lots of shooty horseymen

The Nordland knights waste no time in charging the MIddenheim crossbows. Sadly the river only make them scarier!

A-ha - the Middenheim knights arrive by a secret crossing.

The knights chase off the shooty horseymen and canter into some Nordland swords.

The blue and yellow knights return to the field after running down the crossbows.

And square off with the Middenheim swordsmen.

To everyone's astonishment the swordsmen break the knights and send them fleeing from the field!

And then my camera ran out of power. Boo!
So I was unable to record a rare victory for the blue and white (and allies) army.
My knights broke through on the left flank and were able to force their way into the village. Eventually the spearmen caught up with them and they were able to hold on and contest the village.
With my swordsmen holding the bridge it was victory to Middenheim.

Hurrah for Warhammer!

Saturday 25 December 2021

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Borgut Facebeater

Decided to paint this chap a while ago - but as is the way he sat half-finished for a while.

Anyway he's all done now.

He was a special character in Storm of Chaos, so naturally no longer has any rules in the existing game. I'm sure it'll be fine to just use the old rules. I mean after all they were all extensively playtested and not in any way made up in a couple of days to satisfy the sales bits of GW who were shouting at Gav.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Seven Years' War - Prussia versus Austria

A Sunday morning gaming slot. I suggested Stephen get his SYW collection out for another dust up.

He's tweaked the rules a bit since last time - restricting command ranges and making it a bit harder to let rip with all guns than in our last game.

I took the Austrians and he had the Prussians.

The Austrian left flank - held by Dragoons.

My centre assorted Russians and Hungarians in Austrian service.

And the right - with the Cuirassiers at the ready.

Beastly Hanoverians

And the forces of Prussia

The Hanoverians advanced into a storm of shot

The Prussian heavy cavalry took on the dragoons.

Whilst on the right it was Hussars against the Austrian Cuirassiers.

The Prussian forces struggled into line

Despite one failed attempt the Grenadiers came to the rescue of the Dragoons

In my centre the Russians came under heavy fire.

The grenadiers having dealt with the Prussian heavies turned toward the advancing Prussian line

The Hungarians dithered.

But the cannon drove off more Prussian line

The Hanoverians clung on grimly

The Austrian dragoons managed to get on the end of the Prussian line.

Despite pressure on the rest of the Prussian forces the grenadiers were determined to strike home and ploughed into the Russians.

Destroying them!
The Hungarians turned to face the threat.

Still the damnable Hanoverian hung around.

The Prussian Grenadiers gave fire

But their counterparts were closing in from the rear

Finally the Hanoverians were vanquished

And with the Austrian heavy cavalry on the way with Prussians ceded the field.

That was jolly good fun. The rules work well for us and Stephen's two armies look splendid.

Whenever we get them out I'm tempted to buy some of my own - but so far I'm remaining strong