Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Warhammer: Ogres v. Dwarfs

After a bit of a gap (work, life, stuff) Stephen and I got together for some Warhammer.

8th edition, 2400 points Ogres v. Dwarfs Dawn attack.

My rolls for deployment resulted in most of my army being where I wanted it - in the middle.

The Dwarfs ended up a little castled on their left flank.

I decided I'd try and ignore/slow down the Dwarfs on my right and concentrate on taking out the Ironbreakers and slayers on my left. Hoping I could get enough of a lead before the Dwarf Lord and his hammerers manged to waddle over and get involved.

I sent the Mournfangs off on a bit of a suicide mission to hold up the Dwarf left.

While everything else zoomed forward.

The Mournfangs soon ran into (and over) the Dwarf warriors.

While the Bulls found the Trollslayers a bit chewy...

The Ironguts faced off with the Ironbreakers.

Sadly my carefully laid plan went awry when it turned out Ironbreakers are really hard (and I failed to get spells off that might have helped)

The Trollslayers too saw off some Bulls

Over on my right Cuddles was delaying some crossbows.

While the much reduced Mournfangs stared down the barrels of a load of Irondrakes.

The Ironbreakers had another go at the Bulls - with similar results.

And then I forgot to take many more pictures.

The Ironbreakers went on to deal with the Leadbelchers (who had shot down the remaining Slayers) so that just left the Ironguts - and although they were still a potent unit they were not going to win me the game.

Comprehensive Dwarf victory. The Ogre list is pretty hard, but the (late in the edition) Dwarf book feels like a very tough nut to crack. Everything has multiple high saves, so it's a struggle to put them down in enough quantities to win fights.

Great to get the square based toys out again. Hurrah for Warhammer.

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