Sunday, 28 November 2021

Gaslands at the Ruddington Raceway

Chum Scrivs has gone big on Gaslands. To be fair he seldom does anything by halves so it's no surprise that from a standing start a month or so ago he now has a complete raceway, plenty of scenery and enough cars for a whole fleet of games.

He and Martin invited a bunch of people for an afternoon of raceway action but a combination of busy pre-Christmas and some late breaking man-flu meant it was just me and Scrivs on the day.

I picked a small group of cars from the extensive selection available and after a brief explanation of the rules we roared off from the start line. Foolishly I forgot my camera so I'm afraid you'll have to make do with phone pictures.

The start line. I have the red car on pole, the blue truck on the second row and the Beetle bringing up the rear.

The Ruddington Raceway in all its glory.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

My truck managed to spin shortly after the start

And soon after my first car was wrecked.

Leaving a smoking wreck in the way

We paused for raceway appropriate snacks.

The rusty Beetle went the same way as my other car - leaving just my truck in the game.

But he managed to get the blue Scrivsmobile broadside on.

Scrivs misjudges things and ran into a bunch of tyres. So I rammed him (it'd be rude not to) wrecking it!

Sadly the motorbike was gunning his engine and running away with it

And despite my truck taking lumps out of Scrivs' version I couldn't catch the bike and he was soon performing victory donuts*. 

This was great fun. Took a few gear shifts to get the hang of the mechanics but it was soon rolling (and gunning) along. 
I had to resist driving home via Sainsbury's to buy a few Hot Wheels cars...

* I know the sweet thing is properly spelled doughnuts, but for spinny wheel tricks I think the misspelling is correct.


  1. Very nice indeed - where's the mat from? Is it 6 x 4? My boys and I build our first cars yesterday.


    1. Geek Villain is the source of the mat. I think Scrivs said this one isn't available on their website yet - it's a new print of an earlier one which had a slightly redder colouring.

  2. Excellent and action packed race

  3. Nice looking game not really my thing but looks enjoyable 👍