Friday, 19 November 2021

Midgard: Norse Mythology

A return for the first time in a couple of years to the Rose and Crown club for a game of James' Midgard rules. I pointed out that for a game called Midgard we'd not actually had a Norse myth game using the rules for quite a while. So James obliged. Kev came down from the (frozen) north to join James, Paul and I bringing some of his lovely Norse models. I just bought along my Witch on a Moose as if you can't use her in a game like this, when can you?

The scenario involved assorted giants, trolls, wolves and elves assaulting vikings and dwarfs on a hill. Thor was due to help out the defenders, but had been delayed getting a last round in at the mead hall...

The attacking hordes of trolls and wolves, led by Fenrir.

Assorted J├Âtnar - having them in different sizes is true to the myths - not all "giants" are...errm...giant.

Stout Dwarf defenders

A mix of trolls and elves

A few vikings hug the treeline. Most are still in the mead hall, waiting for Thor's round.

The three standing stones are objectives - whoever holds them from turn three onwards gains added "Reputation" 

The wolves raced forward.

Followed by the trolls

Some of the wolves crashed home

Muching the archers

While another pack sneaked around the edges

Fenrir challenged the Dwarf hero

And devoured him!

The elves struck home

But the dwarf line held firm

The brutal trolls were having rather more success

Summoned by the Moose riding witch hordes of undead battled the Vikings

Finally, Last Orders was called at the mead hall and Thor arrived.

Unfortunately he wasn't exactly where we needed him (must be all that mead)

We were running out of stout dwarf bodies on the left flank.

And the giants were climbing the slopes

Wolves in the back field were held off by desperate dwarf archers

Thor finally got stuck in

And the undead began to be driven back

But the giants were dealing destruction to the dwarfs.

Still the archers defied the wolves

The giants had taken the left of the hill but Thor was moving to control the centre

Angry giants, hurling rocks

Thor waving (but not throwing) Mjolnir

Sadly the game drew to a close before Thor could wreak ruin on the giants and he was left impotently (too much mead will do that to you) waving his hammer in their general direction.

All that was left was to count the reputation to see who could claim victory. After being reduced to just one by the fourth turn the dwarfs had rallied to have four reputation, but the giants had manged to pip them with five remaining in their goblet.
Less mead, more slaughter next time, Thor!

Really great game with splendid company. The rules work really well for this kind of thing.


  1. Looks great, sorry I missed it.
    Now my eye really focussed on: "Muching the archers"
    Mulching, Munching, Mushing..... the possibilities for a correction are endless ;)