Tuesday 19 April 2011

Orc Shaman WiP (2)

More work done on the AoW Shaman, mainly highlights and a lot of scorched brown on the skulls and bones (of which there are many).

Friday 15 April 2011

Saxon Cyning and ASB

After the Open (yes, yes report eventually, honest) and before the Weekend in May (pass-out is signed!) I've been looking over my Age of Arthur Saxons, and thought I'd take the oportunity to post a couple of pictures. Most of the army was painted for me (otherwise I'd still have only about six finished models) but I kept the characters for myself. So here are the Cyning and his loyal ASB

Lovely Musketeer Miniatures sculpts with LBMS flags and shields.


Sorry for the shiny shield, it needs a coat of matt varnish


I painted them a while ago and they need a little touching up (ooer) and some varnishing before the Weekender.
If they've wetted your apetite for Musketeer loveliness go and check out Bill's Blog where he's been showing off his late Romans. I'll be adding some of them to my Saxons as allies (will I get them in time for the weekend event - stay tuned to fnd out!). Order your own here

Thursday 14 April 2011

Orc Shaman WiP

I bought this the other week when I was at Maelstrom for the WAB Open (and yes, I'll try and do a report this week).

Avatars of War Orc Shaman

A great looking model, but I'm not enjoying painting him, the detail is almost too fine to pick out. He's certainly harder for a painter of my standard to do well than an equivalent GW model.
So far it's mainly base coats and Devlan Mud.
The skin is Orkhide Shade, Knarlock and Goblin Green with a Thrakka wash.
Next step is to go back over the main areas with the base coat colours and then add some highlights.

Sunday 3 April 2011

Retinue Finished

Finished the retinue. Rather pleased with them (though they didn't help my performance in the Open-of which more later). Click the pics for big views.

Musketeer Miniatures Atheling Saxon and Scop
Little Big Men Studios transfer for the shield.
Enetered in the Warhammer Forum Painting Competition
Vote early, vote often! :)