Tuesday 25 April 2017

Ork Klimax!

The final battle of our 40K Ork escalation campaign took place at the Ilko Gaming Hut.
Three players, three 1000 point Ork armies - who would emerge triumphant as Da Biggest Git on Ilkestaaaan?

We played using the scenario where each objective marker has a different points value - though we kept the values hidden to the end of the game so we never knew what they were worth (if anything). We also had two secret missions using the objective cards - again only to be revealed at the end.
Much bloodshed, swearing, shouting and beer drinking (not necessarily in that order) ensued.
But I forgot to take many pictures...

 Klan Ginganutz begins to swarm across da board.

 Da Ballruum Klan has a new vehikel

 More Ginganutz swarmin'

 Klan Gruzzkup goes to war. Or possibly Waaagh!

 Wot 'ave we got wot can 'urt dat?

Some lively debate ensued about how exactly Warboss Ballruum kept adding impressive new things to his army that didn't always seem to cost under 100 points in what was supposed to be an escalation campaign.
But General B assured us it was all legit. As he's had a stroke and is a black belt at some Ninja Death Skills we decided not to push our line of enquiry.

 Gruzzkup's ladz seize da centre

The irresistable force of Klan Ballruum meats some fairly skwishy bits of Klan Ginganutz

In the end, as had been the case throughout the campaign, whoever the Ballrumm Klan didn't attack emerged the winner.
This time it was Klan Ginganutz that was run over and stomped on.
So I claimed the victory and Warboss Gruzzkup reigns supreme!

It was a lot of fun playing Ork on Ork on Ork games and 40k was good fun until it started to creak a bit in the last couple of games - it works best as skirmish in the 500-800 point zone I reckon.

However it's time the Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team played something else. Though what exactly that is will be a subject of some debate....

Monday 24 April 2017

Artizan NWF Mountain Gun

I've had this for a while, but got around to finishing it over the weekend as I was hoping for a game of TMWWBK with General Ballroom on Wednesday. A plan sadly dashed by the Current Mrs Tom's Toy Soldiers and Son and Heir going to see a popular beat combo by the name of Eddie and the Sheerans (I may not have this exactly right). Anyway upshot is I'm confined to barracks on babysitting duty for Tom's Toy Soldiers Minor.

But enough of domestic distractions, here's the mountain gun designed to put the fear of Victoria right up any passing Pathans.

I picked it up from Nice Mr Nick at Northstar several months ago - since which time, according at least to Legatus, they have become as rare as rocking horse doo-doo.
Lovely characterful little model, though the gun itself is resin and I feared it would prove too fragile for my ham-fisted approach.

Sunday 23 April 2017

Artizan NWF Officer with a cup of tea

Another character for NWF gaming.
Very jolly model from Artizan - part of a range of Northstar models of folk doing that most British of activities - enjoying a brew.

He'll hopefully be deployed shortly in a game or two of TMWWBK.
Pip, pip!

Friday 21 April 2017

Good Friday Massacre - Warhammer 8th Edition Triumph and Treachery

As is now traditional myself, Stevo and Spandex assembled on a Bank Holiday to play soldiers, exchange bantz and consume more beer than is strictly wise or necessary for gentlemen of our advancing years*. And then have a curry.

Again as is traditional I can't really remember much about it and the pictures aren't great.

Three way, Triumph and Treachery.
I took Ogres with some Kislev allies, Stephen had Wood Elves with perfidious Bretonnians and Spandex had a Chaos alliance of Warriors and Daemons.

Here's the pictures

 Boyar on a Bear!

 Mighty, mighty Ogres

 Big Oaky Bloke

 Mutlyl...Muterl...big Chaos Gribbly

 Filthy Frog Munchers

 Forward the Ungol Archers!


 Skipping off to War!

 Choppin' firewood

 Rumble, krunch

 Oh dear

 BOOM! Hur, hu...oh

 This is less than ideal


 This isn't so bad

 Oh dear

 Woof, woof, SQUISH!


As is again traditional Spandex failed to drink enough (some feeble excuse about his son's birthday party) and then went on to take advantage of Steve and I to win the game. He has a liver that's barely 40 years old - such a shame it never gets a proper work out.
Then we all went for a (traditional) curry and put the world to rights.

*Remember kidz drinking a lot makes you irresistible to the opposite sex. Fact!**

**Not actually a fact

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Orks v Black Templars

The Gaming Heir is warming up for his school leagues finals at Warhammer World.
This means I am doing a fair bit of painting for him. Hmmmm.

It also means he wants to play 40K, so on Saturday we got the toys out.
Just a 450 point skirmish - we used the scenario where the objectives are worth different points.
Here's the pictures.

 Letz jus 'ide 'ere for a bit

 Brother Namenlos spits death!

 Da red spoilz da kamuflage

 In go the marines, complete with novice meat shield

 Warboss Gruzzkup attempts to hand it out

Klash of da Titunz!

In the end I won!
Like taking candy from a baby (or VPs from a 12 year old)

Saturday 15 April 2017

Ap-Ork-alypse Now

Another Wednesday, another Ork threesome down the Ilko Gaming Hut.

900 points apiece this time.
Waaagh Ballruum were sporting a new Warboss on a big old bike (who for reasons best known to himself deployed behind the rest of his army).

One objective on a building each - three points for each one held at the end of the game.

Waaagh Ginganuz arrives

 Gruzzkupp's Ladz

 Still nothing in either of the other armies can deal with these

 Ballruum Boyz


 Clank etc.

 Big mob o' Boyz

At this point I chose to unleash the first ever Waaagh of the campaign.
Everyone was so impressed that i'd even remembered that they chose to mark the occasion by awarding me an extra victory point!
Sadly this was the highpoint of the game for me.
The boys charging the flamers got roasted and ran away, the boys charging the Ballruum boys flubbed their attacks and could only manage a draw and as for my Warboss...

 Snip, snip. off wiv his head. Dead Warboss.

 A draw

 Still nowt to harm them


It turns out ramming things is rubbish.

 Warboss Ballruum gets a load of Nobz up his rear

 Behind yoo!

Let's do sum more burnin'

At the end of the game I'd come third.
And the other two had tied for victory.
Warboss Ballruum expired good and proper in the post game wrap-up. So now General B will have to paint his fourth one of the campaign.