Monday, 20 March 2023

Of Gods and Mortals Norse Battles Day - a few random pics

Just a few more images I grabbed during the day. Didn't get enough pictures of other forces to be honest, there were some lovely looking forces.

These first two I think are chum James' work you can see more on his Mogsymakes blog

These next two I think are Tom who played in our Greek day's forces.

Not sure who these belonged too - but they look like the old Citadel vikings to me (I think possibly available now from Foundry)

Dean's Frost Giant - a Reaper bones model.

Fenrir, a Schleih toy expertly repainted

Den's Valkyerie takes on some unkown Vikings.

All in all a splendid day out. Of Gods and Mortals is ideal for this kind of thing as it's quite informal and not too competitive and gives good quick games.

There was talk afterwards of a Celtic themed event later in the year...

Sunday, 19 March 2023

Of Gods and Mortals Norse Battles Day - Game Three: Freya v Heimdal

 For the final game of the day I would be playing Dean who used to have the Too Much Lead blog but is now mostly to be found on Instagram  sharing his lovely painting skills.

He had a Heimdal force including a mahoosive Fenrir. We would be fighting for possession of a flock of sheep.

Hemdal's followers have eyes on the woolly fellows

Heimdal had some trolls with him too.

Who were sneaking up on some Noble Warriors

Heimdal also had a Frost Giant and (inevitably) a Valkyrie 

Heimdals's forces were soon closing in on sheep central.

Though the Frost giant lagged behind somewhat.

I'm not sure those tiny sheep are going to be much more than a snack for this big lad (it's a repainted Schleich toy)

Heimdal is pretty brutal - he's got a horn that allows him to awe folks with ease and Dean took full advantage of that to brutalise my shieldmaidens

While Fenrir started snacking on the rest of my force.

I threw the heroine in to the mix in an attempt to slow down the big dog.

But he just kept on munching away.

The slingers kept watch - and prayed.

Freya finally got going on the vikings that were powering up Heimdal each turn.

As Fenrir polished off the last of the shieldmaidens.

The Valkyerie started slowing down the Nobles.

While Fid...Fenrir decided to pick on the poor slingers.

Heimdal arrived to repeat his awe and shock attacks on the nobles.

Even the slingers got awed too.

Soon after this time was up, I was below half strength and it was clear that Heimdal had won the day.

Interesting game this I've tried in some (Greek) games in the past to use the god as the main attacker with the mortals just providing extra dice but never quite got it to work - Dean had it down to a fine art.

Great game and Dean's army looked lovely.

Saturday, 18 March 2023

Of Gods and Mortals Norse Battles Day - Game Two: Freya v Hel

After a pause for lunch it was time for Freya to take on John's very jolly Hel army

This time he was having to evict my ladies from a temple.

Hel was the mildly terrifying Bad Squiddo model

Hel had my ladies under pressure

But help was on the way

I put Bjork on her moose over on my right with the slingers

The heroine on foot barred the temple door

Hel also had some Shieldmaidens - these were a bit more "chainmail bikini" than mine but not too bad.

Bjork tangled with a Valkyrie

And the slingers got involved

An almighty ruck kicked off near the temple with Hel aweing folk left right and centre.

We weren't sure if Bersetkers, being immune to taking run away tests, were immune to Awe, too.

Hel got herself banished at least once.

But she returned and chased off the Berserkers

In the end Freya managed to kill off the last of Hel's mortals and win me the game.

Another good fun, swingy game that went right down to the wire.