Sunday 3 December 2023

Four player Dragon Rampant

 James, Matt and Martin came over for a game of Dragon Rampant. We decided that as it was December a snowy game was in order. Nottingham weather agreed and blanketed us in snow that briefly looked like it might jeopardise the game, but all was well in the end. We took 24 points each and paired up for a 2 v. 2 match up using the basic "fight" scenario. WE decide that a failed activation would only end for the player, not the side, so partners could continue with their activations.

I took my Night Gobboes - Squigs I took as Bellicose Foot. I also made them exploders before realising mid-game that Wild Charge made that redundant...

Venomous Spiders

I had a wizardling with my light foot

Facing the Goblins was an alliance of Dwarfs and Samurai - a classic pairing

The Dwarf archers occupied one of the ruins

Martins' force,allied with my goblins, was all mounted.

Scouting Samurai occupied more ruins.

The Dwarfs were feeling the chill and built a small fire.

The cavalry wing proved reluctant to move at first.

So the gobboes pushed up

Toward the Samurai

The squigs ploughed deep in to the enemy lines

The Goblin archers seized the high ground

Martin sent the Gryph hounds in to action

The Squigs menaced the Samurai

Having feasted on Samurai the Gryph Hounds found Elite Dwarfs considerably less digestible

The gobboes rained death (well, a bit) down on the attackers.

Finally the Knights got moving.


On the flank more knights decided to get in on the action

Despite a good start the Knights were soon on the back foot.

After some heroic defence the archers were finally forced from the hill

More goblins tried to get round the flank

The relentless advance of the Dwarfs continued

The Human wizard tried to stem the tide

But although the heavy horse gained a measure of revenge it was too little too late and the Samurai/Dwarf alliance held the field.

Good fun game. Dragon Rampant is nice and light for this sort of simple bash.

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