Tuesday 31 August 2021

Warhammer Triumph and Treachery - All the Chaos

Stephen, Kenton and I convened at the Soldier Shack for some Bank Holiday Warhammer.
I had laid the beers in as usually Bank Holiday gaming = Drunkhammer but timing was off and hangovers were in place so it was a sedate affair by usual standards.

Steve and I had conceived of a four player All the Chaos Powers game but we couldn't get four people together at the same time. So we diced to see which power was missing, then set up the armies, then randomly decided who would have which army. Because Chaos.

I got Tzeentch, Steve was Slaanesh and Kenton Nurgle. Slaanesh was the army list I'd put together so Steve  moaned about how rubbish it was for the entire game. While killing all my men with it.

The brightly hues hordes of Tzeentch assemble.

The pastel painted hordes of Slaanesh

Nurgle's Rusty Nuts

After a short while the Slaaanesh deamons clashed with my single fighty unit.

And chopped them into finely sliced morsels.

Before starting on the horrors.

Who proved more resilient

Then Nurgle started on the 'nettes.

While some of his tough guys headed for the VPs in the centre of the board.

The Masque got her disco groove on with the Mutalith.

And the daemons continued swinging at one another.

The dogs of Nurgle swept round a flank

And the horrors hid behind the banestone.

Slaanesh's Daemon Prince helped by the Masque took apart the Plaguebearers

The Daemonettes extricated themselves from the horrors and went after the flamers.

Leaving the Horrors to the doggies.

In the victory point count up Stephen had (inevitably) accrued the most coins - mainly by picking on my squishy units.

Triumph and Treachery does give a good fun game - but you do need to give it time.

Monday 30 August 2021

Frostgrave: Genie in a Bottle

Our ongoing campaign saw us encounter a genie.

Unfortunately (for both the genie and the other two players) he appeared very close to the Elementalist - who promptly one shot Elemental Bolted him into atoms.

Apart from that it was a rapid style treasure grab with my turbo powered thieves making off with most of the loot!

The Necromancer urges on his men.

The Necromancer's thief grabs a scroll

Yikes! A Wraith wanders on!

Fleet foot is what you need when you've got a heavy suit of armour and a wraith in line of sight!

Burning Wilson confronts The Necro Hound

Struggle for the lamp

Thug on thug action!

I really need to paint more menagerie or build some new scenery as we're fast running out of scenarios!

Sunday 29 August 2021

Of Gods and Mortals - Celtic Clash

James came over for a game of OGAM. We both really like this system but don't play it as often as we should. Celts was the name of the game so I took my Epona list and James had Slough Fegg and an assortment of other nastiness.

We chose a scenario from the Celts supplement - Epona was attacking Slough Fegg and his tall tower of evil.

Epona's Celtic warriors soon came up on the Celts in the servitude of Slough Fegg.

The Banshee swept into the middle of the line and shrieked with spectacular results.

Epona rode up with her men

And a huge scrum broke out

The three ladies had a set-to.

Meanwhile Slough Fegg picked on some Celtic nobles.

The big fight rumbled on

Until Epona overreached herself and was banished.

She returned but the evil forces had turned the tide.

However the horses hoofed Slough Fegg from the board

But it was too little too late and the Evil Lord retained control of his tower.

It was good to get OGAM out again. It always gives a good game - though it took us a while to get going as we tried to remember the rules...

We ended up thinking about the possibilities of an OGAM Greek themed gaming day in the near future.