Sunday 8 August 2021

Greek Legendary Midgard

This post is out of sequence - we played this yesterday and I still have three or four more other games to write up.

James (with son as junior assistant) , Scrivs and Martin came over for another playtest game of James' Midgard rules.

This time we were testing out how flyers might work and the setting was Mythological Greece. On one side Basilus - legendary Greek hero who has been set several impossible tasks to win the hand (and attached body) of a beautiful princess. Opposing him Minossos and bunch of monsters intent on not letting him escape with their magic horn. A sheer cliff range ran across the board with two crossing points - Basilus needed to force his way through while the Cycoloes, Harpies and others tried to stop him.

The Greeks - bearing stolen gifts

Talos bars the way (it's a repainted statue James found in a market on Crete - someone always asks)

Hairy, mono-eyed folk.

The pas is blocked.

James newly painted harpies - resin models from Etsy.

The harpies swooped on some poor defenceless archers (and their goat)

But were driven off

So they had another go

Meanwhile the hoplites plodded on

Herakles stepped up to take on Talos

On the Greeks came

Harpies. Still picking on archers.

With a mighty blow Herakles sent the Talos crashing to the ground. Big guy rules may need a bit more work.

The Cyclopes rushed to plug the gap

To plug *both* gaps in fact.

Herakles decided to take on Minossos - easy meat after the big metal giant.

The cyclopes got stuck in - led by Tossos the One Eyed Get.

Herakles and Minossos going at it.

While Greeks push forwards


The big guy is down.

The hoplites push on

Harpies swoop in to help at the other pass

The hoplites are forced back by Minossos

But force their way through the other pass

Minossos is killed in the fighting and his men leave the safety of the pass to force the Greeks back

But the last Cyclopes are killed

Greeks pour through the other pass

And the last hoplites of Minossos' force resolve to sell their lives dear.

A narrow victory for Basilus!

The rules work really well for us - some tweaking needed around some of the monsters but the flyers seemed to work well.

It all looked very splendid. Models were mostly James and Martin's with a few of mine scattered about.

You can read Martin's version of events over on his blog


  1. Great photos. I only took half a dozen.

  2. Very cool gaming with stunning figures!

  3. Brilliant looking game! A lovely collection of figures indeed