Sunday 18 December 2016

Blood Bowl Dark Elf

The Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team has been gripped by new shiny Blood Bowl fever.
Well some of them.
As a result the first ever Mid-Winter Maul will be happening at the Ilko Gaming Hut between Christmas and New Year as four team tussle for possession of the S.H.I.T. Bowl.
Now I've never played much Blood Bowl (I had a few slightly painful "introductory" games with some of the more "competitive" elements when I worked at GW which rather put me off the whole thing).
But I do have a team that's languished half painted in a box for ten years or more, so I dragged them out of the loft and this is the first test model finished (bar basing)

Saturday 17 December 2016

Reaper Bones Spider for Frostgrave

A quick and dirty paint job for another Reaper model for the Frozen city.

Might actually have to get a game in at some point...

Amazingly this is post no. 666  - the Post of the Beast!

Friday 16 December 2016

Kallistra WW1 Late British (4)

Another 8 bases of the wee Kallistra fellows.

Prone miniatures still proving hard to get pictures of

That makes 18 bases painted so far, half the number I want to have altogether (though I may need to order another blister or so to get to that total). Reservists are three to a base and regulars four with three stands making a Square Bashing battalion.

I'll be basing some more tomorrow.
Followed by going to hassle James for some extra bases because I forgot to order spares. Doh!

Sunday 11 December 2016

Minibits dice frames

I finally threw some paint on these. They're dice frames from Minibits. I glued them to 1p pieces, then added some sand, some paint and some static grass

Orginally purchased for wound/LP counters in Dux Bellorum, they of course can be used for all sorts of games where you ned to keep track of wounds or other things.

Saturday 10 December 2016

Kallistra WW1 Late British (3)

A few more Kallistra Late War British.

 The lying down ones are hard to photograph...

I'm enjoying painting these 10/12mm is quick and easy I find.
Eight more bases are already undercoated and on the painting table...

Friday 9 December 2016

Kallistra WW1 Late British (2)

A little progress on the first four bases.

Four down, thirty two more infantry to go...

Bases not finished as I want to get them to match James' collection as much as possible, and as he uses colours called "brown" and "sand" and I use colours called "Beastbotherer Brown" and "Howlingdesertvoidcoveredinthecountlessskullsofthelostandthedamnedsomanymanyskulls Sand" I'm just checking back with him to see if we can work out some equivalents.

Thursday 8 December 2016

40K in 40 mins Orks and Marines

Today was an Inset day, so the kids were off school - I had some leave that needed using before the end of the year so I stayed home to keep an eye on them. I had planned to spend the day in self-indulgent hobbying but events overtook me and other domestic stuff needed doing. However one thing I did manage was a game of 40K with the Gaming Heir.
I suggested we try 40K in 40 minutes - but he wanted to use his Centurions so we ended up with 500 points each and waived the No 2+ save rule.
I took two units of Ork Boys, one in a Trukk and 20 foot-sloggers and three DeffKoptas and a pair of buggies all led by a Warboss.
His Centurions had six marines along for the ride, led by a Captain in Artificer armour.

 Da Orks emrge from da foli...fowli...furly...jungle

 Boys on da Warpath

 Gerrout, its gerrin' shot at!

 Brumm,brum,dakka, dakka!

 In we go ladz!

 Eat Magic Space Mallet Xenos Scum!

Da noose closes

At first the Orks walked and drove forward into a hail of fire, but some poor shooting meant casualties weren't as bad as feared.
Once they arrived in combat they predictably handed it out to the Marines, with only the Captain's +2 save keeping him alive long enough to take out the Warboss, before weight of numbers pulled him under.

Th Gaming Heir learned a bit about what close combat horde armies can do to elite shooty armies. And about not relying on the impressive big bits of new shiny kit.

Stripped down 40K like this works quite well, so maybe we'll get a few more games in.

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Kallistra WW1 Late British

Inspired by Square Bashing with James and with a probable demo game planned for next year I ordered some Kallistra Late War British

 Oooh, a padded envelope, how exciting!

 7 packs (and a Hammerhead flyer)

 Lewis guns

Advancing Tommys

James has given me some painting guidance, I've got a basic army list planned out. The plan is to crack on and for it all to be over by Christmas.
Now, I just need some chinchilla sand...

Thursday 1 December 2016

Congo! a third trip to the jungle

Steve succumbed to a poorly child this week, so General Ballroom and I took to the jungles of Africa for another game of Congo. Despite having painted and assembled all the models and scenery the good General had not actually played the game yet, so this was to be a first.

We were to be playing a scenario of the General's own devising that required troops to climb up a winding tower to retrieve a magic mask.

There now follows some pictures.

 The mystic Tower of Tromney


 The Emir organises his men

 The Zanzibaris are first to fire

 The stout Sikhs fix bayonets

 The slaver column marches toward the tower

 Sikhs face off against the trained troops in the slaver's pay

 More musketry holds forth

 Meanwhile the diplomat (who caries on his shoulder a Siamese cat) urges the young warriors up the tower

 Slightly fewer Sikhs now remain

 The explorers deliver pinning fire on the tower

 The young warriors make good their escape

But walk into a hail of fire from the Askari

In the end my party was almost entirely wiped out and the Explorers held the field.

The scenario we both agreed needed a little more work, but was good fun.
I found the game worked a bit better for me this time - I'm more familiar with the cards, so it flowed a little better. I have to say that the Slavers force I'm using seems a little under-powered against the Explorers - rifles able to fire without reloading are considerably better than Muskets that need to reload, so I end up out-shot. Some of this is clearly just because I'm not very good at the game to be fair.