Thursday, 8 December 2016

40K in 40 mins Orks and Marines

Today was an Inset day, so the kids were off school - I had some leave that needed using before the end of the year so I stayed home to keep an eye on them. I had planned to spend the day in self-indulgent hobbying but events overtook me and other domestic stuff needed doing. However one thing I did manage was a game of 40K with the Gaming Heir.
I suggested we try 40K in 40 minutes - but he wanted to use his Centurions so we ended up with 500 points each and waived the No 2+ save rule.
I took two units of Ork Boys, one in a Trukk and 20 foot-sloggers and three DeffKoptas and a pair of buggies all led by a Warboss.
His Centurions had six marines along for the ride, led by a Captain in Artificer armour.

 Da Orks emrge from da foli...fowli...furly...jungle

 Boys on da Warpath

 Gerrout, its gerrin' shot at!

 Brumm,brum,dakka, dakka!

 In we go ladz!

 Eat Magic Space Mallet Xenos Scum!

Da noose closes

At first the Orks walked and drove forward into a hail of fire, but some poor shooting meant casualties weren't as bad as feared.
Once they arrived in combat they predictably handed it out to the Marines, with only the Captain's +2 save keeping him alive long enough to take out the Warboss, before weight of numbers pulled him under.

Th Gaming Heir learned a bit about what close combat horde armies can do to elite shooty armies. And about not relying on the impressive big bits of new shiny kit.

Stripped down 40K like this works quite well, so maybe we'll get a few more games in.

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