Wednesday 29 July 2020

Look at my small cock

Answers to the name of Tango:

Charming little set from Warbases

Painted very quickly with Contrast paints and washes.
I'm intending to use them as morale markers for games like Rebels and Patriots as well as just general table dressing

Saturday 25 July 2020

Warhammer 8th edition Dwarfs v Skaven 3k

With wargaming back on the menu Stephen and I decided to push the boat out and go for 3,000 points on the 8x4 table. Proper manly stuff.
I took Dwarfs (mostly because I'd just finished painting a couple of units and wanted to use them and Stephen took Skaven, including some filthy End Time trickery.
We played the Dawn Attack scenario where your troops turn up in random locations. This meant a couple of my heavy hitter units (hammeres, longbeards were stuck on a flank. The Skaven hordes seemed mostly to consist of huge units of slave tar-pits.

Thee field of battle:

Warriors and Ironbreakers hold the centre.

Slaves, plus an Abomination.

The Stinky Censer

Oh, and the Big Lad.

The random deployment meant my hammerers were stuck behind the longbeards.

Newly painted Slayers - bound to do well.

The rats surged forward

The cannon chose to shoot the Abomination, rather than the RatDaemonThingy.
Hit, wound, failed ward, six wounds. Dead!.
Wished I shot the RatDaemonThingy instead.

The RatDaemonThingy then charged some hapless Quarellers.

The Longbeards were hit by the Rat Ogres.

And the slayers found themselves in front of a Slave Train.

The Dwarf centre stayed put.

The Longbeards chewed up and spat out the RatOgres, than followed up into the RatOgreMachneGunThingys.

Like the slayers, the Ironbreakers took slaves in the face.

Lots of slaves died, but not fast enough...

The Stinky Censer decided to enter a steeplechase.

I want You, Cannon!


The Dwarf Warriors charged some censer bearers. Then overran into some slingers. Who popped.

The Ironbreakers were killing slightly fewer slaves than the slayers, but fewer of them were dying too. Swings and roundabouts.

Finally the clanrats and general decided to deal with the slayers.

Stomp, squish, splat.

The longbeards, having seen off two lots of Rat Ogres, fancied a palate cleanser of slaves.

The Ironbreakers finally popped the slaves they were fighting, turned and were run over by the Stinky Censer.

And with that I forgot to take pictures of the last turn.
The Ironbreakers and lord were run down but the Big Censer was in turn destroyed by the last few overrunning Longbeards (the slayers all dies, but the Longbeards swung the combat and all the rats ran away.
In a final combat the Dwarf warriors and the Skaven general unit fought themselves to a standstill.

A quick countback of points and the rats had more warm points still alive than the Dwarfs, so it looks like they're in to the initial defences of Clan Groznog...

Perhaps it's time for an Underway campaign?

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Warhammer 8th edition Ogres v. Empire

So gaming has resumed.
Over to The North Notts Palais des Jeux where the table ensured social distancing and an open door minimised the spread of germs.
I took 2,000 points of Ogres - Stephen was concerned he would have to fight Mournfangs, Big Cannon, Slave Giant and Stonehorn. But I reassured him I've only actually finished painting one of those things. He took an Empire gunline.
We played the scenario where you have to capture flags.

Stephen's army is from Nordland - all blue and yellow.

He had a big unit of greatswords - yikes and some Outriders. I hate outriders.

But not as much as I hate and fear Pistoliers. He had some of them, too.

And a big bock of halbardiers.

I ran towards the Nordlanders. They stood still and shot.

Fortunately without much impact.

I had some Ironguts hanging about on the flank.

Deciding charging was better than being charged the Greatswords ploughed home.

However they failed to break through and got a tyrant in the flank.

"Yum, yum - they're quite tasty once you get 'em out of the tin they come in..."

The mournfangs ploughed into the halbardiers.

Something of an error. They may be huge, powerful and well armoured cavalry, but they are just cavalry. And cavalry suck in 8th edition.

The grind continued in centre field.

Much reduced, the mournfangs still won. So now they no longer hate us...

Cavalry of a blue and yellow variety to the rescue!

The Outriders were outshot by the Leadbelchers in the tower.

The greatswords finally saw off the unit they had initially charged, but their knightly helpers had fled.

Ogre might saw off the rest of the unit - leaving just the standard bearer.

Who was promptly stamped to death.

With that, all flags were mine and the Ogres had triumphed.

A good fun, but quite quick game.
The Ogres are a very simple army and so I just point them at the enemy and let the stats do the rest.
I'm not sure they're much fun to play against though. So may have to use them sparingly.