Tuesday 27 October 2020

More One Hour Wargames Naploeonics

 I had enough fun playing the last game that I thought I'd do it all again.

This time the scenario was number eight in the book and loosely based on Lundy's Lane in the war of 1812. The British would be defending a hill from a slightly larger French force but reinforcements were on the way for both sides....

Again playing solo means lots of pictures

Lancers and Voltigeurs lead the way

The British stand ready

The French line make for the hill whilst the cavalry and skirmishers advance rapidly up the road.

The redcoats turn to meet the threat

And the cannon belches fire

The skirmishers advance into the wood as the cavalry pull back.

A firefight seems inevitable

British reinforcements arrive 

Whilst fire pours from the hilltop

Light cavalry lead the way

The lancers turn to meet this threat

Whilst the infantry bear down on the hill

The British keep up their fire

The cavalry have chased off down to road

And square off against the lancers

With inevitable result

The French line now returns fire on the hill

The lancers have withdrawn but French reinforcements have arrived.

The British cavalry charge in return.

The hill is wreathed in smoke

Sabre against lance

The British horse withdraw and feel full force of the French line.

Their erstwhile opponents make for the far side of the hill

Where redcoats have suddenly apppeared

Not a moment too soon

The British cavalry heads for the rear

The French prepare to assault the hill

British infantry stiffen the defences.

But the unit on the hill crest is finally destroyed.

Where are the cavalry going?

The French begin to advance on the hill

British infantry continue to trade shots with the Voltigeurs

The hill is now well contested - the cavalry has arrived to help

The French wisely form square, though this exposes them to merciless fire

The lancers move up to threaten the British flank, while the infantry continue to fire.

The hill is now a scene of slaughter

Finally the lancers charge home

The British cavalry once more withdraws as the French square falls to musket and cannon.

The lancers driven off, the thin red line gives fire

But a second unit of redcoats falls to musket and another charge by the lancers claims a third.

Will the British horse ride to the rescue?

Bravely the cannon holds out

British infantry having finally dispatched the Votigeurs find themselves flanked by French infantry

The lancers reform and prepare to deliver the coup de grace to the cannon.

Will the cavalry save them?


The cannon destroyed the horse seek revenge

But are thrown back

And the hill is claimed for Napoleon

Another good fun game. Definitely want to order some French cannon (and probably another British one too).