Thursday 31 July 2014

More Fungus in my Underway

Been doing a bit more work on some more mushrooms for our Underway games.
Once again from Wargames Terrain Workshop, simple but quite effective resin scenery. Based on 60mm circles to fit the 4Ground bases. I've added some stones and some sand, and the odd home made 'shroom.

Friday 18 July 2014

Council of Warm-Up

Before taking to the field at Council of War Steve and I decided on a warm-up battle.
Steve wanted to play watchtower as it would be "good training" for us.

He's written the definitive account of things over on his blog.

From me here's a few pictures:

Thursday 17 July 2014

Another Scots v Normans SAGA game

I played this a couple of weeks ago, but real life prevented me writing it up until now.
And I've forgotten pretty much all of it.
But anyway, here's the pictures:

 Reet, less get these wagons tae market

Who are yoose?

 Oh aye son, ya reckon dae ya?

 Hae soame ae tha ya froggy we bastid

 You'll nae get yer hands on mae wagons

In yer face Charetier, we're aef tae market!

Wednesday 16 July 2014

War in the Underway - battle four

Some time ago Gruzzkup and his lads fought in the fourth encounter in the abandoned dwarf caverns.

I can't really remember what happened. But here are lots of pretty pictures.

 Da Enemy

Hidin' behind walls iz not very Orcy

 Grzzkups an' da Ladz

 Put sum cloves on ya looniez. And av some choppa in da mush!


Munch, munch, munch

Stevo's version of events can be found here.

Tuesday 15 July 2014

More Council of War

Here's a few more low quality pictures, mainly of the second day.

Very poor shot of Dan's Daemon army that I played game one in the cabinet where it had been nominated for best army

So what did  think of the whole event.
Well Nick and the GW boys did a great job of organising things, it ran on time and very smoothly, everyone i met was a thoroughly nice chap (or chapess) the food was plentiful and stodgy. The beer was the famous Bugmans "Remorgage Your House" ale.
However overall it it was very much a game of two halves for me, Brian.

Day two was great. 20,000 points of painted Warhammer models clashing over a great big, beautifully modeled table looked spectacular, our opponents were having fun, we were cheering dice rolls, having a laugh and generally not taking things too seriously.
A brilliant day's gaming and everything wargaming should be in my view (possibly minus the hangover).

Day one on the other hand was much more of a chore. In the first three games I was playing against people whose primary motivation (it seemed to me) was to win. They had taken optimised lists with the correct mix of magic items and characters to ensure they were as efficient as possible.
I'd taken the models I liked and had got painted and that fitted my idea of an Orc army. As a result I got pasted (and didn't enjoy myself much) and they had a pretty easy win and racked up the victory points (and I suspect didn't enjoy themselves much as I didn't provide much of a test).
This isn't to criticise my opponents, merely to highlight that there was a gap between our respective objectives for the game. They were all to a man very nice chaps and didn't in any way bend the rules - they just knew them and used them far better than I could. They were looking to play one type of game and I was hoping for another. Had I been at a GT I'd have known what to expect, but looking at this event I thought I saw something different, so having my expectations not met added a little to my overall dissatisfaction with the day.

So I suspect this is the last time I'll attend an organised GW event. What I like doing is putting lots of toys on the table, drinking beer with my mates, rolling dice and shouting hurrah! So if I want to be sure that's what happens I've got to sort it out for myself.
I've now got 2500 points of painted Orcs and Goblins - so the next stop will be to get that to 3,000 for some bigger games. Then maybe try and find a scout hut or room above a pub and get seven or eight like minded souls together to replicate the awesome fun of Sunday.

Monday 14 July 2014

Council of War Day Two

And so to the second day. Steve and I were joined by our fellow greenskins to play a mighty 10,000 point Warhammer game across a 12ft by 6 ft realm of battle.
Once laid out our armies looked spectacular. Our opponents included two of the armies nominated for best painetd at the event and the whole array looked stunning.
However unlike proper hobbyists (us) they'd got themselves an eclectic mixture of Empire, High Elves, Ogres and Wood Elves. One army, one army book - that's our motto.
So we'd at least one the moral high ground. Sadly that's all we won, though we had an immense amount of fun playing and the armies looked terrific. I was a bit too hungover to remember many details, so it's straight on to the eye candy.
Once again apologies for the quality of the pictures - old camera, poor lighting and shaky hands are an evil combination.

 Steve won a succession of "who knows the rules best" 10p bets. Here are his winnings.

 The blood red Empire army were what I voted for as best army.

 Stunning Manticore from the Empire army


I've still got a few pictures that I grabbed of the other games - I'll post those tomorrow, together with my thoughts on the event.