Sunday 31 July 2022

Midgard - Basil in the Underworld

 As part of playtesting James' Midgard rules we've played through a series of games in which Greek hero Basileus tries to complete various tasks to win over his love.

This time he had to venture in to the Underworld to capture Hades three headed dog and bring it back to the surface. Hades, understandably was less keen on this coming to pass.

Basil and his hoplites began to make their way from the underworld. He'd wisely hired Orpheus to act as guide, and dog handler.

The undead forces assembled to block the way.

A big chunk of the skeletons were Martin's using the Oathmark miniatures.

Nekkid Spartans formed an elite core to the force.

Early manoeuvring was cagey - but archery was exchanged on the flanks.

After some delay eventually Hades himself turned up

As the lines began to close

A flying hero swooped down on the priest of Hades. But was beaten off.

The forces of the underworld summoned some mighty worms.

Magical mist was used to reduce the effects of undead archery.

The winged hero spotted Hades alone in contemplation and swooped down.

After a brief but fierce fight the God was banished from the mortal realm!

The lines continued to close.

The flying hero tried swooping on the worms.
This went less well and he got eaten.

Finally the clash of hoplites!

While the face off continued on the Greek right.

The Greeks began to punch through in the centre.

But Orpheus (and dog on short lead) got sucked in to the fighting.

Orpheus was slain and Cerberus reverted to control of the undead forces.

Yikes, three headed dog incoming!

On the flanks the Greeks were chasing off the archers.

But the dead hoplites were beginning to crush them

At this point the game drew to a close and with Hades' hound securely back in his kennel the forces of undead could claim the victory and Basileus will have to do another quest to win fair maiden.

Great fun game with splendid company. We were testing the magic/sorcery rules and though they need tweaking they seemed to work very well in the main.