Monday, 18 July 2022

Warhammer: Daemons v Warriors 2400 points

 Once more the Chaos powers clashed.

It was another scorchio day, even within the cooling darkness of the Sherwood Soldier Shack. Also the sunlight played havoc with taking pictures. 

After two losses Stephen has been fine tuning his army to murder my poor ladies of Slaanesh. I've been painting 10mm German tanks. See if you can guess how things unfold.

The Seekers raced around the flank - still searching for a useful role for their points

There were a *lot* of Warriors.

The Tzeentch contingent sat in the middle. Hoping to Blue Flame Warriors off the board again.

Fortunately Steve had bought the Sodding Putrid Blight Kings along again. I do so love them.

They charged the Fiends.

While the pink haired ladies held my right.

The PBK did a number on the Fiends, but not enough to pop them.

The other ladies raced up the hill.

Desperately the Screamers tried to do their lamprey thing on the Mutalith.

The Seekers charged through a swamp. Inevitably two of them died. Sigh.

The Keeper was dealing with the PBK, but slowly - when I needed him helping out in the middle.

More warriors joined the hill top fight to tip the balance.

Bloody flies getting in his eyes and popping on his ballet shoes instead of his big boots for Thuinderstomping meant it was taking too long...

The Chaos Knights thumped in to the horrors and I was running out of flags!

Finally ridding himself of PBK the Keeper joined the hill fight, but a bit too late.

The Masque threw herself at the Mutalith to try and hold it up.

But the knights were munching through the horrors.

The Masque dealt with the Mutalith picked on the remaining seekers.

Inevitably the Knights popped the horrors and with that my fortitude was undone and the mortal followers of Chaos claimed the field.

Good fun game. After a couple of games we reverted to my dice being rubbish and Steve's being good. Also he's working out how to beat the Daemons up, whereas I'm not really thinking about it too hard.

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