Saturday 27 March 2021


Having painted Hades I knew I needed a canine companion for the god of the underworld in my Of Gods and Mortals games. It was tricky to find one that I liked, probably because the anatomy of a three headed dog is very tricky to sculpt pleasingly. In the end I settled on this Reaper Cerberus that I ordered (along with the Cyclops) from Mighty Lancer Games. Sadly not available in Bones material he's a metal beasty.

Another pretty quick paint job with Contrast Black Templar doing most of the heavy lifting.

Friday 26 March 2021

Cyclops for Of Gods and Mortals

I wanted a cyclops for my OGAM games. After all, nothing says Greek myth quite like an oversized mono-eyed bloke.

I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for though I was quite tempted to follow James' lead and use the very nice ones from Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago however I was in the process of buying some other Greek myth figures from Mighty Lancer games (of which more to follow) when I searched (not for the first time) in the Reaper Bones range and turned up this chap.

Lovely model - slightly cartoony perhaps, but I like him that way and an absolute bargain for four quid.

Painted almost entirely with contrast paints, so he was also super quick to do.

Thursday 25 March 2021

Great War Miniatures Late War British (3)

Four years since I painted six of these...

Ho Hum, how time flies when you're easily distracted.

I've undercoated the blokes with grenades today, so inching closer to getting a Chain of Command force together 

Saturday 20 March 2021

Cold Steel 2009

Some more old pictures from an industrial unit on the outskirts of Evesham in February 2009.

Cold Steel always lived up to its name - several layers were always advisable. 

Another splendid Warhammer Ancient Battles one day event hosted by the Gripping Beast boys.

Obviously time and age has clouded my memories, but I've no doubt it was great, that I lost more games than I won and that I played Jim Sweeney at least once - these were the immutable laws of WAB events.

I think the Romano British army in the first few pictures is actually that of Andy Hawes.

In the second game it looks like my burly Saxons are picking on some malnourished children - stealing their dinner money no doubt. I think they may have been Duncan McFarlane's (former owner/editor of Wargames Illustrated) venerable 25mm Minifigs force. He was of the opinion that mine were the incorrect size. 

Wednesday 17 March 2021

The Men Who Would Be Kings Solo Campaign (2)

After the setback on day two of the march to relive Fort Ooknall Captain Julius has urged his men forwards

On the third day of march the column passed unmolested over the scene of the previous day's defeat. The march was long and hard, but peaceful.

Day four was likewise all quiet. However after mess in the evening two men were struck down with sickness.

The fifth day also passed unremarkably save for the announcement that Lt. Leonard hard been mentioned in dispatches for his sterling duty in command of B. Co. This raised morale and the opinion of his men somewhat.

Day six and the column began to close in on Fort Ooknall. Scouts reported enemy tribesmen active and toward dusk shots rang out from concealed snipers, carrying off three men from the column.

Day seven broke crisp and clear. Fort Ooknall was now but a day's march away. In late afternoon scouts reported a build up of the enemy and soon enough shots were whizzing about.

B. Co. supported by the Dilshad rifles pushed forward into the hilly terrain.

Fierce Ooknall tribesmen rose up from the undergrowth to threaten the soldiers of her Majesty.

Though these were driven off with no harm to the British, as victory beckoned fanatical Ghazi warriors appeared to threaten B. Company.

In a flash they swarmed across the wall and fell on the British line.

B. Company was forced from the heights, but inflicted damage on the fanatical hill tribesmen.

A. Company meanwhile saw their rear threatened as rifle armed Ooknall tribesmen appeared to their front.

Fortunately time and sunset came to the rescue and the native warriors melted back in to the dusk, leaving Julius and his men free to spend a sleepless night mere hours from the gates of Fort Ooknall.

Only three men from Co. B. fell during the engagement and all made swift recoveries after the natives had been driven off.

Monday 15 March 2021

The Men Who Would Be Kings Solo Campaign

 Been tweaking and refining my rules for playing a few linked games of TMWWBK.

And so once again an expedition has been sent out from Shaarwyd toward Fort Ooknall in the remote province of Ilkestaan.

Th Julius Column, with Captain Julius leading A. Co of the 99th, Lt. Leonard commanding B. Co. and the brutish Sgt. Kumar driving the Dilshad rifles along with Lt Simm commanding the artillery element has set out on a relief mission.

Day one from Shaarwyd passed uneventfully apart from a brief bout of sniping that unfortunately carried off young Private Hedge of A Co. 

Day Two the column made good progress until scouts reported native tribesmen massing in the rocks ahead. Julius arrayed the men for battle and the field gun barked forth!

Tribesmen were seemingly everywhere amongst the rocks.

Lt Leonard bravely crested the ridge with B. Co. but lost a man as he did so

At the first sign of firing the Dislhads turned tail and fled the field with Sgt Kumar ranging after them.

Sword armed tribesmen burst from the rocks and raced toward A. Co.

Who held firm and gunned them down.

Sadly however weight of numbers began to tell.
Shooting by the tribesmen took heavy toll on the gun crew, leaving only the imperturbable Lt. Simm to man the gun.

Exposed and with the Dilshad's fled the tribesmen were able to close with and finally cut down B. Co.

And then dish out the same treatment to A. Co.

A humiliating setback for Captain Julius and time is ticking on his rescue mission.

A. Co. lost a further four men permanently to the sharp knives of the tribesemen. B Co. more fortunately were able to retrieve most of the company, losing just a single man and the gun crew's wounds turned out to be merely superficial. When Sgt. Kumar eventually drove the Dilshads back to camp only one man was unaccounted for, though several bore marks that the sergeant himself had inflicted.

Despite this setback Julius has ordered the march to continue. Fort Ooknall must be relieved. 

Saturday 13 March 2021

Cold Steel 2008

Another blast from the past. 

Cold Steel was a WAB event run by the splendid fellows at Gripping Beast back in the day. In the particular instance the day was in January 2008.

They also ran an event called Hot Lead, which happened in the summer.

It was a friendly, good natured tournament of three games, punctuated by a "slap up feed from Mrs Miggins". You were allowed to use any Dark Age army list from the Age of Arthur, El Cid or Shieldwall supplements. I think Beyond the Golden Gate was also permitted but as that was horribly overpowered and it was an event for gentlemen no-one ever used it (at least not more than once).

While this did throw up some odd match ups - Picts v. Almoravids for instance, it kept things broadly in period and most of the match ups were reasonably balanced (apart from when playing filthy Normans, obviously).

Looks like I used my Footsore Saxons for this one.