Monday, 7 June 2021

Warhammer Goblins v Goblins

Steve and I got together for another game of Warhammer 8th edition. This time we decided on a Gob Off - 2,000 points of goblins versus goblins. Steve has a very large Night Goblin collection and indeed once took an all Night Goblin force to a GT. I struggled a bit to get to 2K points, but judicious use of Trolls got me the numbers in the end.

I have a new camera and thought I'd use that for the pictures. Poor choice - it very much struggled with the lighting at The Hucknall Palais des Jeux.

The armies line up. Plenty of Night Goblin spears on both sides

That's an Idol of Gork in the middle that we were notionally fighting over. I think we forgot about the special rules.

Steve's little arrer fellas have red point hats.

Animosity struck my side early and resulted in an ill-advised charge into some trolls.
With inevitable results.

The spiders tried shooting the Manglers.

My ladz drove the squig herds onward.

They took a chariot to the face. Then ate it.

Suddenly there were Fanatics *everywhere*

Steve's giant circled the wood and chased down some vintage Goblin spearmen.

Hardcore Troll on Troll action began.

The giant turned to face the Blue Trolls.

Meanwhile my giant bounced off the enemy trolls, ran away and then fell over. Missing everything.

Soon after this the gig was up for me and Steve and Skarsnik ruled the field.

Good fun game to play - Goblins are rubbish, but that's half the fun.
We're considering an entire Goblin only campaign now...


  1. Nice to see some foolish globin antics👍

  2. Great game, love using goblin armies, they are great fun