Thursday, 2 February 2023

Lord of the Rings SBG - Farmer Maggot and Shortcuts

Enthused by fighting Amon Hen, General Ballroom and I convened for more LOTR.

We decided to play through the campaign (or at least give it a go) and so began with the Farmer Maggot scenario. This is a "learning" scenario where the hobbits have no M/W/F and no-one actually dies. Designed to ease new players into the game it worked fine for easily confused gentlemen of a certain age too.

The innocent farmer's farm.

Nefarious would-be turnip thieves - the hobbits are actually the "Evil" side in this game!

Grip, Fang and The Other One.

Pretty soon General B had set the hounds on me 'obbits! Nasty.
Though Sam had got his hands on a carrot or two.

Merry got bitten a few times.

Pippin and Frodo made off with some more of Farmer Maggot's fine produce.

But Frodo found himself surrounded and badly mauled

The hobbits soon all fled, leaving the Farmer free to shout "Gerroff moi laaaand" in traditional fashion.

That had got us back in to the swing of things, so we swapped sides and went again.

Grip, Fang and The Other One went bounding off in search of hobbit britches.

The miscreants stayed bunched together

Soon the hounds were on them.
We added sound effects whenever this happened - because you have to.

Pippin dropped off another cabbage.

Frodo dealt with Grip (or possibly Fang, or maybe The Other One)

And Sam bought home the bacon (or possibly a firm young carrot) to claim the win for the hobbits.

By this stage I was played two, lost two.

We still had time (LotR, especially small games plays quick) so we moved on to the next scenario - pone I've played a version of before where hobbits are trying to escape Nazgul and Gildor ("not another f*%$ing elf") helps them out.

The hobbits hide behind a hedge as the Ringwraiths close in.

Over there...maybe...
The Wraiths blundered around a fair bit at first.

Gildor skipped nimbly to the middle of the board.

I'm coming to get yooohooooo!

A rare roll of three sixes in a row meant the Nazgul suddenly caught the scent of the ring and all closed in.

The alarm is raised!

Hobbits start fleeing and the Black Darts start flying

Bravely Pippin launched himself at a Wraith

Gildor meanwhile got on with banishing them.

Frodo and Sam made a bolt for the hedge, with the Ringbearer taking a wound from first one and then another Black Dart! Only Fate kept his quest going.

Despite at least one Nazgul banishing himself trying to cast a spell the hairy footed little fellas managed to get to the hedge and safety.

Hurrah, goodness triumphs. Boo that meant i lost three in a row!

That was enough for one evening, but we're definitely going to continue the quest - just 25 more scenarios to get through! Wonder if I'll win any of them?